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A little insight behind the randomness

A lot of people wonder what inspires us to do the things we do, and what makes us so driven. Ever since I was a child on the playground I got so sick of the boys telling me that I couldn’t do something because I was a girl. Something about that mentality just set me off. In my mind boys and girls are equally capable of the same talents and hobbies. Gender is irrelevant to me in this sense. Since I was a little girl I have always accomplished what ever I stuck my mind to, regardless of what the boys or other girls had to say about it. The boys eventually accepted me as I was, striving to accomplish and actually do what they were doing and even better then them at times. As we all naturally got older the girls hated me as I was the one with all the attention from the boys, and it wasn’t because I liked them or had any intent other then having fun and doing what I loved. I wasn’t like everyone else. I still loved all the things girls do. Clothes, makeup, etc. But, none of those things were important to me. It was only called for on special occasion. I stopped caring what anyone thought about me at a young age. I think it is important to any young girl to grow thick skin, and not care what others think about you. Girls are really really cruel. If you can’t adapt to this mentality, your school years can be very painful. I kept very few female friends over then years, even to this day. Most women just aren’t wired up like I am. My constant automotive jibber jabber is too much for the average lady, and I’m sure it is just as awkward for them as it is for me.  The key to staying determined in life is to use all that negativity and doubt that some provide to just further empower you to accomplish everything you desire! Every time I get one of these “old school” men that carry the mentality that women belong in the kitchen and have no power in this industry, I just laugh and keep on going. What they are too ignorant to understand is that their doubt just powers you to go even further with your goals. It doesn’t help a lot of us legitimate women out that are here for the right reasons when there are a lot of the women who are just here for the attention. All these start up blogs, Facebook pages, and Instagram accounts sharing a bunch of women posed next to their car or someone else’s car doesn’t empower anyone. It just tells all these men that it is all about flaunting our bodies to gain attention of others, and that we have no legit knowledge or attributes related to cars or racing other then how big our breasts look next to our cars when we pose just right. Women need to flaunt their love for their car, racing, or what ever it is that makes them love their cars or other’s cars. Not their bodies. This is one thing that I avoid at all costs. Don’t take away from the beautiful vehicles that you have worked so hard on and enjoy so much by selling out to sexuality. Sex sells anything and everything. But, don’t sell yourself out. We are smart, strong, and knowledgeable women! We don’t always need to let our bodies do the representation. 

Besides being driven by doing what others say I can’t, I’m very driven by happiness. Everyone wants to be happy! And, there are thousands of recipes for happiness. It isn’t always just about love for another person. It is about the love you have for the things that you truly love to do! It is about the things that can take you to another place, away from the rest of what may be going on around you. Regardless of which car I get into, that feeling of accelerating and just getting away from everything brings inner peace that no drug, drink, or person can provide. Your mind is absolutely free for those seconds in which you accelerate with a clear and open mind. That is where being on the track and racing brings me total peace. There is nothing that can compare to this feeling. 

I’m really looking forward to a great year in 2014. I can’t wait to finally go out racing with the new SFWD car sponsored by Turbo by Garrett/Gearspeed. With anything big, you have setbacks. But, we haven’t let anything stand in our way. We have handpicked every single product behind this build, and chosen who we wanted to work with very closely. In order for things such as this to work successfully, everyone supporting you has to be as in love with racing as you are and have the right products for your needs! I feel we have put together an awesome team behind this project, and can achieve some pretty amazing stuff with a little time and tons of effort! We are very thankful to everyone who has supported us, lent a hand, and stood behind us during the entire build process. BIG thank you to all of our sponsors, friends, and colleagues! Cheers to 2014!


Photo Courtesy of Motolyric





Super Lap Battle/Global Time Attack finals 2013 with the Sportcar Motion crew.


SEMA 2013

Unfortunately it seems these days with all the social media tools at hand, they overtake my poor website! I find myself not having enough time to update everyone on here anymore. I miss having that more personal tool where I can really tell you guys more details. 

Today is the last day of the SEMA show in Las Vegas. It has been one hell of a past couple of weeks with all the prep work leading up to the long-awaited debut of the SFWD EG. We went into the build back in 2011, and never thought that it would end up taking as long as it did. But, things came up, and our client work load just got crazier with time. Also, when we chose to build something on this level we knew that we had to really be particular on the products we chose. This build really turned into an emotional rollercoaster. In 2011 I suffered a minor stroke after a long day shooting some video with the media. It scared the HELL out of me and made me really open my eyes. I learned from that moment on that I wasn’t going to stress myself out so much and I’d also learn to blow off a lot of the personal crap around me. My family is always number 1 and my career and racing is always second. But, scary stuff has a way of reminding you of what is important and what is not. When a woman attempts to do anything  in a primarily male driven industry, there’s always a lot of doubt and question from some. I am very accustomed to this considering this isn’t my first rodeo. But, the standard just feels extra high anytime I build something. I tend to mind my own business and stay focused on my work and my family. Then when there are some of these “cool guy meets” happening I am made out to be the bitch for not wanting to stand around in a parking lot with a bunch of egotistical show car guys. You can only tolerate those redundant discussions for so long. We have created our business around racing. Car shows are great when there is a return for us with the media. But, that doesn’t mean it’s my favorite thing to do. So, with all that said I am so proud to debut the vehicle after a lot of hard work and lying low the past year. The car truly became a reality after 2 years of planning and designing!

I’d like to thank my now good friend, Andy V for all of his help making the car really look as I had envisioned the past few years! We met through my Facebook Fan Page in 2011 as Andy was a fan of my Civic Type R. Andy made the trip over to the West from Virginia to apply the vinyl wrap for us that he designed with me, and the car really became a whole different car! I couldn’t be happier!!

I will be sure to post more on here as things are going to slow down for the winter after our last time attack event this month. I am looking forward to plenty of seat time and getting acquainted this winter with the vehicle! Huge thank you to all of our sponsors, coleagues, fans, and family for their support through out the build! 








1992 Honda Civic- “Little Red Riding Hood” SFWD drag vehicle

 Sponsored by:

Turbo By Garrett


Pfitzner Performance Gearbox – PPG

Competition Clutch

JE Pistons




Vibrant Performance

Golden Eagle Mfg.


Laskey Racing







Church Automotive Testing


AFI Turbo

Skunk 2 Racing

RC Engineering

FCS Race

Andy V Designs

Insane Shafts



Honda K24 engine assembled by Laskey Racing

Turbo By Garrett GTX4294R Turbocharger

World Racing fabricated intercooler with Garrett/Forged Motorsport core

Turbosmart E-boost controller, (2) Race Port Blow off valves, and (2) Hypergate45 wastegates,

World Racing custom piping

Golden Eagle sleeved block

JE custom pistons

Manley Turbo Tuff rods

Supertech valves, valve springs, and retainers

Web custom “G-Shit” K-series cams

AFI turbo manifold

AFI intake manifold with 90mm Mustang throttle body

AFI oil catch can

K-Tuned Pro fuel rail

RC Engineering fuel Injectors

Turbosmart fuel pressure regulator FPR-3000

Rywire engine harness

FCS fuel cell

Mishimoto radiator

Hybrid racing radiator hoses

Gearspeed/PPG K-series dog box transmission

K-tuned billet shifter/box

Godspeed handbrake

Skunk 2 custom springs/suspension

Buddy Club roll center

Karcepts hubs

Custom axles by Insane Shafts

Competition Clutch twin disk clutch

World racing custom rollcage

Hondata K-Pro ECU with Traction Control tuned by Church Automotive Testing

K-tuned traction bar

Hasport engine mounts

Seibon carbon hood/hatch/wing

Custom 3M-vinyl wrap by Andy V Designs

Golden Eagle rear diffuser

Simpson parachute with custom mount by World Racing

Sparco Corsa seat and seat rail

Sparco 6 point Hans driver harness

Torco engine and transmission fluids

Exospeed Star 8 wheels















Everybody needs a white girl in their life….

Many of you guys have been asking for more info on my newest project/grocery getter that you have been seeing recently. I guess grocery getter is a bit of an understatement. This N/A Civic Si has always caught my eye. This car is no stranger to the track. Mike Chang, owner of Evasive Motorsports, purchased the car new. As you can remember, Evasive had a lot of fun with this car and landed a beautiful cover on Honda Tuning Magazine back in 2011 after doing the FD2 conversion and competing in numerous time attack events.  As Evasive progressed into other project cars, they made the decision to find a nice new home for their FA5. Our friend and customer Renzo Marsano decided to pick up this beauty and bring it to us here at Sportcar Motion for the special Sportcar Motion touch! No time was wasted. After just one event, we quickly assembled a fresh heart for the Si. This time around a brand new K20/K24 would power this grocery getter around the Southern California tracks and freeways.

Renzo headed out to Super Lap Battle 2011 and ran 2:02 at Buttonwillow clockwise config 13. This was quite impressive as the car was on street tires. This was on the cars last stint as a K20 with just a Skunk-2 head package and stock bottom end.  But, that just wasn’t good enough for all of us over here at Sportcar Motion.  The freshly assembled K20/K24 was installed and tuned by our only trusted set of hands over at Church Automotive testing.  After completing the new K20/K24 transplant, Renzo made his way back out to Buttonwillow and was able to run 2:00 flat in December 2011 on street tires.

After attending the Modified Magazine Tuner shootout and having some more fun on open track events, Renzo made the decision to sell the car to it’s set of hands responsible for making her go faster. There was no hesitation in purchasing this vehicle. Between the Japanese full FD2 conversion on the exterior, and the absolute perfect combination for consistent power this was a no brainer. The FA5 now conveniently nicknamed “White Girl” now spends it’s life as a grocery/parts getter and part time track whore. From time to time you can catch her on display with her partner in crime Ken Suen’s FA5 nicknamed “Big Red’’. Soon you will also be able to catch Big Red receiving the same deadly combination of horsepower as White Girl for the upcoming time attack events to come in the end of 2012. More to come on this car as we wrap up a very fun and successful year. I am pleased to welcome “White Girl” to my stable of K-powered beasts!

’08 Honda Civic Si specs:

Engine: Honda K24/K20 N/A

Engine Modifications 12:5 CP X-forged pistons; Cunningham rods; IPS KME cams; complete Skunk 2 valvetrain, Pro Series intake manifold, Mega Power header; OEM Acura TL throttle body; P2R throttle body adapter plate; Custom 2.5 inch exhaust; Hytech custom oil pan; Sportcar Motion custom oil cooler; ATI super dampener; RC 650cc injectors; Mugen low temperature thermostat;

Engine Management Hondata Flash Pro

Drivetrain ’08 Civic SI transmission w/ 4.7 final drive; Kazz custom LSD

Suspension/Tires/Wheels Tein Monoflex coilovers; J’s Racing roll center adjusters; ARP wheel studs

Wheels/Brakes/Tires Weds TC05 wheels 18×10.5 (f) & 17×8 (r); Dunlop Starspec tires; Endless Si big brake kit w/ Endless race pads

Interior Recaro bucket seats; Takata harness

Exterior JDM FD2 full conversion (f/r) w/ rear wing; Season

Mugen style carbon fiber lip (f)

Few shots from the engine build:



Thanks to for the nice shots from last week’s Extreme Auto Fest in San Diego! Be sure to check out his blog! I like it! All pics, less BS talk and uneeded opinions of everything!   (

You can come check out White Girl next weekend at Nisei week in DTLA 8/11! I will be at the Generations display with not one but three of our cars! Come by!




You can always learn something new…

Something that I tell everyone daily, if it is in regards to cars or just in life in general. There is always room to learn something new. Doesn’t matter how long you have been doing something. There is always room to learn new things. I was lucky enough to recover hundreds of photos that I thought were completely lost off my bad SD card. Thanks to a suggestion from a colleague, Katman I was able to recover 95% of my photos from my recent trip. I was beyond surprised! I  learned something new, and have also learned that when you think things are “deleted” they are never deleted. Kind of scary honestly! I was just happy to see all the memories from my trip with my family. Those were some moments that I will remember forever. Being able to have those photos for the walls and for my family is a gift.

Just a few photos from my road trip!

First drive in the Si! Nervous, excited, and intrigued!

Beautiful Lake Tahoe!


A lot of curious minds out there asking questions about the Si. More to come on what i’m currently working on and some more details on my newest beast very soon! For now I will leave you all with this random shot I snapped yesterday! Two of our new ladies here to join the Sportcar Motion family of cars!

Technology owns us

I returned from my vacation yesterday, I was itching to upload my photos from my camera. I was looking forward to sharing my weeklong road trip with everyone, along with sharing my newest addition to the family that I recently acquired.  When I finally got to my desk, and attempted to upload my images they were all gone in a matter of seconds. Hundreds of photos lost. I’m sure you are wondering why. Well, no other way to explain it other then this. Technology owns us. My poor SD card decided it was time to go, and it chose to die in that very moment. It is so crazy how something such as this completely turned me into tears. I felt like someone just full on kicked me in the stomach. If the images on that SD card had just been photos of my car, fine. But, there was so much more on that card. In this moment, I received a big reminder to not get so wound up in all this technology we have. It is so easy to find yourself on Facebook, on Instagram, on your iPhone or laptop doing something constantly. You think about it, it is now even rare to print an actual photo. The days of waiting at the 1-hour photo lab are gone.  Last week I found myself in a rare time away from work, away from the city, and all the technology for the most part. No cell phone coverage. Just my family and I.

I decided that I was going to take a nice road trip up to Lake Tahoe and visit my parents. I just needed away for a while. It is beautiful here in San Diego and all, but the hustle gets exhausting at times. It was time to get away.

Speaking of technology, I recently decided that I was just up to my ears in technology in regards to my daily transportation. I looked at how much money I had in cars that have no purpose other then daily driving. It was beginning to feel ridiculous.  I was loving my newest purchase, a brand new hybrid from Lexus. It did everything you could need a car to do. Navigate you, make your dinner reservations, and keep you comfortable. It was a wonderfully designed car. But, the real MJ was coming out. I missed everything about owning a Honda. The good, and the bad. But, I missed it. Having only track dedicated Hondas left wasn’t fun. It was time.

I found an offer that I couldn’t refuse. One my favorite customer cars was in need of a new home. I didn’t waste any time.  Last week only hours before leaving on a road trip, cash and keys were exchanged. I was on my way to Lake Tahoe in an unusual vehicle.  9 hours and a few stops later I was back home. I haven’t had that much fun driving in the car for 9 straight hours in years! It was the perfect opportunity to become acquainted with my new vehicle. This car gets the looks, not only from confused elderly and appreciative fellow enthusiasts but also from law enforcement. I had the pleasure of spending 30 minutes on the side of the highway with one of California’s finest. It was one of those moments that I just acted as if I had no idea what this car entailed. None the less it was an amusing stop, and I was on my way with a fix it ticket for tented windows.

I had a great week away from San Diego. I felt so good to be away from it all, see my parents, and share all my childhood places with my own kids. Just have some peace and quiet. It was hard to get the kids to stop playing with iPads, iPhones, Macbooks.  Kids in the new generation have it so differently then I did as a kid. But, we had a good time. Enjoyed some fireworks, sunshine, swimming, and time on the boat. I had so many great moments that I had captured with my camera while I was up there. I was so bummed when I came home and lost every moment that I had captured. This was just a reminder. I need to make more time to see my family. I need to take more photos, SAVE them securely, and print them. There are so many photos in my computer that belong on walls. Life is just so short and fast paced these days. We often overlook so many important moments, or forget them.  It is my own personal goal to slow down a bit, and just enjoy the little things more often.  You never know when it going to be over…

“Carpe diem. Seize the day.”

Meet “White Girl”-  FA5 converted to FD2. Powered by a fully built N/A K24 powerplant built by us (Sportcar Motion).

Previously owned and driven by Evasive Motorsports. Link to Honda Tuning Magazine July 2011 cover feature:

The only few photos i’ve got for you, as she sits now. Thanks to my iPhone:

Atop of the highway, Mono Lake, California

That is it for now. More to share with you all soon! Looking forward to putting my spin on this already beautiful car!


Living in a man’s world

I get asked often about being a woman in a man’s world. It seems like I am answering that question daily. By now I am just all too used to it. But, there are days that it truly frustrates me. I have to say that for the most part, majority of the colleagues in the industry/sport treat me as one of the guys. No sexist behavior, nor special treatment. Just quality individuals. But, I also have to say that not everyone has been that way. There are the few of course that are either just blatantly your stereotypical man with tasteless jokes and innuendos, or there are the ones that seem to actually be threatened or jealous of my success and position.  I do feel that I am constantly working twice as hard for a lot of things, for respect of some. And, for some I will never gain their respect strictly out of threat and jealousy. Something that I knew clear from the start in all this was that I wasn’t in all this for the attention of the opposite sex. What drew me here was my love for racing, my passion of always striving for what I want, my need for the best in life. I didn’t come here looking for wealth. I came here to be happy and reach my goals. I think the part where you may see me get irritated is when I receive less or no credibility in something that I create, something I work so hard for only because I am not a man. Having a male counterpart in my day-to-day business, a lot of credibility is often directed to one side. The male side.  I have learned over the years, even as a child that when you walk into a man’s world striving for their dreams/ goals, they at times get territorial. All you can do is just hold your head high and remember why you are here, and what you are doing.

Another common question I am asked is why there are not more women out there in this industry and in Motorsports. There are a few reasons to that. I think one of the big reasons is that many women would rather spend a weekend in the club, or shopping for a new purse with her girlfriends. Not may women want to dedicate their lives to something like this. A social life away from all this is pretty much non-existent as this is your life. You eat, sleep, and breathe racing and Motorsports. Not everyone thinks that this is sexy.  This appeals to many women as I see, but many don’t want to take the time to learn the ins and outs of their cars, get dirty, turn a wrench. Besides driving your car, to completely understand what is going on you have to know what you are driving and what it consists of. It is not all glamorous as some are led to believe.  I think the intimidation factor is another big piece in this. Walking into a room of only men, rather important men is always an awkward feeling at first. Gearing up and entering the staging lanes is an intimidating feeling at times being surrounded again only by men. You feel their eyes burning into the back of your skull! There is so much pressure to do well. To do what the men do.  This can be too much for the timid. There are few and far women in this making millions. This isn’t going to make you millionaire, and often you are stuck with what I call the “race track” diet. The race track diet usually involves what ever is off the freeway near the track. Usually Carl’s Jr, or something greasy.  I look at what I do day-to-day, and it isn’t all a walk in the park. I don’t think there are many out there that would stick this out.

But, for me this is my life. If I didn’t like it, I wouldn’t still be here even with the ups and the downs that it has. I have made many sacrifices in my life to continue doing what I love. I have lost a lot, but gained so much more from those losses.

Much more to come here on my site in the next few weeks! SFWD EG updates, and more!


Can’t stop me…..

I love how some asshole decided to take my previous domain for my site ( as soon as it expired. I hope it helps their shitty attempt of writing about “sports cars” by copying and pasting other site’s content. It is such a shame to see those sites that really contribute nothing to the world but other writer’s work that they took the time to wrote but with their name on it. Then they even go to the length of taking my domain the second they could? That’s classy. Well, they can have it.

1) They are not random.

2) They are not Jade

Good luck to them. This was a blessing honestly, I just moved to an even better domain that better represents me.

Tell all your friends, fellow fans, and colleagues. I am still here, and not going anywhere . I am looking forward to sharing so much with you guys this year. I have so much I would like to share with my fans, but it just isn’t quite time yet. Soon enough I can share it all with you!

Stay tuned, it’s just getting good!


Morgan Jade

Out with the old, in with the new!

Well, we now put another year behind us once again. 2011 was quite the year for us around here. I was able to get the Civic Type-R exactly where I had wanted her to be after 2 years of trial and error. I officially succeeded in my goal with the engine setup. And, we managed to bring home a win for the car at Super Street FF Battle! The CTR had quite the year.  My passion for my cars and the business officially went global with the double feature in Spain with the CTR and also the debut of my newest obsession, a very red US spec EG hatch with nothing other then a K24 under the hood. Adding to the media frenzy of 2011 was the very first cover for us on Honda Tuning Magazine with the EG as well! I guess you can say the media treated us extremely well in 2011. I couldn’t ask for much more!

Back in May we had a blast competing in FF Battle. This was the third year in a row that we were chosen to compete in the event. This was the second year in a row that we were able to bring the CTR. Since we ran into some issues the year prior, we were given the opportunity to come back and attempt to redeem ourselves. Little did any of us realize that we would end up bring home first place! We once again ran into some problems, this time with the front bumper coming off the car. But, with a little love and a roll or two of duct tape we did it! The few minor changes I made to the engine and the minor things such as the new wing brackets and front splitter proved to be a recipe for success out there at California Speedway. We managed to gain an extra 15 HP by changing out the RBC manifold, BDL fuel rail, and 72mm throttle body to a fresh new Skunk 2 intake manifold, composite fuel rail, and black series 74mm throttle body. The car as it sits now is making a healthy 282WHP. This is exactly what I was shooting for, and is the perfect recipe for the track. I feel that the car has reached the point that I was ultimately looking for. We mainly went back out there to have a great time, and also see how my few modifications to the car would affect our lap times. Oscar Jackson did an outstanding job out there again. OJR is a extremely talented driver and a great person away from the driver’s seat as well. He’s the only one I have been able to trust driving the CTR while I have been sorting out my own injuries that have made it difficult to drive the CTR. My goal for 2012 is to add power steering to the car and hopefully get back out there, now that I am finally feeling confidant enough to drive the car again.  But, I think I may need to call my friend OJR to give me some pointers out there!

This year marked one of the best years in media coverage for not only my self personally, but the company. Between our ITR kicking ass all season out at Redline Time Attack, competing again in the Modified Magazine Tuner Shootout, and the 3 magazine features with the CTR and EG, it has been an awesome year for us to showcase all of our hard work around here with all three of the cars. The most surprising one of them all was the magazine feature in Spain. It was very interesting to learn more about the close following of K-series and the cars in the US over in Spain.  This article not only showed the other side of the world about the ins and outs of the EG and CTR, but also shed some light on what I have accomplished and how I have fallen into the career that I have. This is quite interesting to those in Spain as a women such as myself is almost unheard of over there. GTI Magazine did a great job with my interview and seeing what this is all about.

The Honda Tuning feature with the EG kind of caught us all a bit off guard.  We got the call from the magazine this past summer, and they wanted to shoot ASAP as they had an issue in mind that they wanted to feature the EG in along with another San Diego car. The EG was still a few steps away from being track ready, but we made the best of it and shot the car minus the rollcage, and new tires and wheels.  The car still looked awesome, but it didn’t quite have that drag stance that it should, considering this is a drag dedicated car.  As soon as we saw the finished project, we were amazed. Matt did a great job shooting the car. This also marked our very first cover believe it or not! This was pretty exciting for all of us. This car not only marks our return to drag racing, but is also a personal project of mine and my longtime friend and partner. This car means a lot more to us then just another project. This feature was one of the best that we have had to date.

2012 looks to be quite the year for us again. We have just signed multiple brand new sponsors for the EG allowing us to finish our turbo setup for the car. Originally this wasn’t going to be possible until late 2012 or 2013, but adding these new sponsors has now made our dreams a reality for this year. I look forward to this more then anything this year. I have to admit; drag racing will always have my heart over any other type of racing. Besides wrapping up the EG, I have decided to move on with the CTR. She will be donating her current heart to something pretty damn awesome and moving onto a new heart of her own. A new N/A K24 heart with more power and more torque then her last one.  This is beyond exciting for me as not only am I building something new for the CTR, but we are building something that will be quite shocking to many of you. The only hint for now is that you will be seeing my K20 go into something that is still very new and unexplored. Things will be starting to unfold any day now this month!

Big THANKS to the amazing sponsors that  I have been fortunate enough to have by my side! Skunk 2 Racing, Buddy Club USA, Torco, Competition Clutch, Toyo Tires, Hasport, Rywire, and Church Automotive Testing. And, a big thanks to my friends and family!

Tons more to come this year! And, so much that you will actually see me posting more updates on here! Stay tuned!

MIA- a year in the making 2011

Well, it’s been a while to say the least. I have literally been all over the place. 2011 has been quite the year for me. I have traveled the world, seen family and revisited my heritage. I have been working hard to focus on the sales aspect of our company, and generate more business. In order to go out racing and do what we do best, we need to make that money! What I have learned this year is that my personal time is getting more and more limited with business picking up, and having more events on our schedule. Updating my own website has become the last thing on my list of priorities lately, but I am working on making more time for myself. As you all know I have kids. As they are getting older and more independent, things get crazier and crazier. Between running a business and keeping the family happy I am a busy lady! With that said I have to put a lot of my own tasks on the back burner. It’s always a matter of prioritizing, which I myself need to improve. So, here we are over half way through 2011. I’ve got so much going on this year! I am just very thankful for everything that I have going currently.  I am excited to start posting more on my personal site again! I have tons of updates to come with what all I have going on right now. Here is a quick glimpse into what’s been happening and what’s to come!


Behind The scenes Skunk 2 Racing photo shoot





Nashville Road Trip-Import Alliance 2011





Another year Of FF Battle:behind the scenes of the Super Street Magazine FF Battle 3 with my Civic Type-R






Back To My Roots- Little Red Riding Hood- K Powered drag EG/ Honda Tuning Magazine photo shoot












Where have you been??!!

I know, I know. It’s been quite a while since I have updated the blog. I have been all over the place since my last update. I had to kind of put my own blog on the back burner for a bit as I have been through some big life altering changes in the past few months. But, things are finally getting back on schedule around here.

I spent the last 6 years of my life in an industry that wasn’t me. I was very successful, and made great achievements in my career in telecommunications. I also realized it was not my life long career. In the past 10 years I found who I am and what I believe in. I believe the real key to success in your career is having a real passion for what you do. I now feel that I have that passion for the new industry I have fallen into. Life isn’t always just about the money and the spoils. Money only makes you happy for so long before the happiness wears off. I am confidant I made the best choice in life for myself and most importantly my family. Family is the biggest part of my life. Without my children, I wouldn’t be the person I am today. I am very grateful for the amazing friends and family I have surrounding me. In the good times, and the bad. I am terrible at picking up the phone and calling, but I never lose touch of what matters in life. I am stubborn, that’s for damn sure. But, paired with my stubbornness is determination. They go well together when you set your goals high and only settle for what is best. Life is way too short. Live each day as it is always your last! Smile and stop to notice the small things in life. Stay ambitious and on your toes at all times. You never know what each day will bring to the table. What hurts you will only make you stronger. I am a prime example of that.

So, here I am. I am currently still recovering from the aftermath of my car accident in May. The most frustrating part of being injured is the fact that you can’t do what you love. Driving down the street to the store has been difficult, let alone step foot on the track yet. Until I am medication free, I will not be anywhere behind the wheel of the CTR. The car is one of my most prized possessions in life. The bond I have with the car itself is crazy. The memories, the determination, and the struggles are all apart of that car. I trust no one when it comes to driving my car. I treat it as my 4th child. But, someone changed that self-proclaimed rule.

In July we were invited to the Super Street FF Battle. I needed to get someone behind the wheel that I could trust, and that was comfortable in a right hand drive car. Driving backwards is no walk in the park, especially on the track. We had our good friend who happens to be one of the best guys out there on the track come out on his vacation from college. Tim Kuo has been dominating in time attack racing for years now. His schedule has been tight since he is now in med school full-time now. Racing has to be set aside at times. Tim was nice enough to come out for an afternoon out at California Speedway in Fontana for some track time for FF Battle. He did a great job out there especially considering this is his first time behind the wheel of the car, and the event required we run an all season tire on the track. This was definitely an interesting time. Unfortunately Tim’s schedule didn’t allow him to stay for the rest of the event.

Since Tim was headed back to school, we asked our friends Oscar Jackson Jr. and Sr. to come out and join us for the remaining events for FF Battle. Of course my first instinct is to be protective of my precious car, but that feeling subsided quickly. When I saw the look on Oscar Jr.’s face when he first sat in the car, I saw the same expression that I see in the mirror when hoping into the car. Jr. professed his long time love for the EK9 Civic Type R. To see Oscar’s feelings about the CTR was pretty cool, especially coming from such a strong Honda oriented family. Immediately, I felt that I found the right person to trust with my car for the time that I’m unable to drive. The Super Street FF Battle is just the beginning. For, 2010 we still have 3 more track events scheduled for the car, and a very full 2011 season of racing.  Be sure to follow us for the next few events. Up next is Super Lap Battle at Buttonwillow, and Redline Time Attack at Fontana. Both are in November.

Sneak peek at Super Street’s FF Battle. The full article should be coming out soon

At Skunk2 for a custom allignment done by Oscar Jackson

Oscar Sr. out helping us in the pits

Getting ready to head back out at the track next month!

It’s been a very interesting past year, but I’m super excited to finish the year out strong, and get ready for next season!