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Reduce. Reuse. Recycle!

reduce.reuse.recycle.Times are tough for many people right now with this lovely economy! Newspaper is such a waste of money since most of us all read everything online. I have a subscription to the San Diego Union-Tribune stuck on auto-pay and I never read the damn thing! So, kept my subscription and am using it in many ways! Great to use to mask off my car!!


Jade is back!

b4a6f211169982489c78159c49eff9b2Hola’ strangers! I’m not sure I ever left, but I at least put all the car bullshit aside for about a year, and got my career and life situated here in So Cal. April of ’08 dated the month of change! I packed my shit, and it was A LOT of shit! 3 cars, make that 4, plus my entire house of shit! Found myself a nice place to call home, and got situated. This took a while! I settled into my new home of sunshine! Man was it an awesome change from Nor Cal/Nevada!

So, here I am! Almost a year later, i’m getting back into my usual routine. ’08 came to a much awaited end. I went through some really disappointing changes in ’08 with friends, loved ones, you name it. Don’t get me wrong, I had some great times, but also had to say good bye to some uneeded people and the garbage that followed them.  It’s 2009! Wow! So, I started the year off with a fresh start and a new look! My biggest trademark about me is now gone! My usual “Playboy” Platnium Blonde hair is gone!! I am now a sultry brunette! Haha! Not that my appearance has ever mattered! Right guys!!

Okay, focus is not me! It’s on my beloved car named Jade. Funny how over the years my own nickname has now become the one of my car! Most everyone in this world of cars can remember her. I’m not sure what comes to mind first, her stripped freshly painted NH-O interior or the fact that it’s one of the only unmolested, untouched legitimate right hand drive Civic Type R’s that hasn’t gone to shit since coming to the US. Most everyone knows the story of her move to the US. My good friend that tends to go by the name of  “The Tea-Father” had her imported back in ’03-04. That man babied this machine just as much as I do.  His love for the car showed in it’s original feature in Honda Tuning in ’04-05. For a long time many thought of this car when his name was thrown out online or at a meet/show. Many still do, but it’s hard to remember just the CTR when mentioning him anymore since he is lucky enough to build like 8 K-Powered Hondas at a time! He was pretty sad to see the car go. It almost felt like I was taking a binkie from a baby! But, he let her go and I welcomed her with open arms of excitement!

So, here we are today. It’s the last day of January! Yep, almost February already! Jade’s interior is currently stripped down awaiting my lazy ass to prep the interior and cage for a fresh coat of NH-O and a very glossy finish of clear! Last year I re-sprayed the interior/cage with a fresh set of flat paint as I thought I’d like the satin non glossy look. I didn’t! So, I’m changing it up. I have been eying a new M3 lately, and decided I’d really like to own one but rather finish up some other things like my CTR! So, in favor of that sexy Red M3 I dream about, my roll-cage will be that devilish Red off none other then the ’09 M3! The Red will really make the interior pop for sure!

Pictures to come of course!! Man, I really been hustling lately! I live on my laptop at work, but lately just clicking on the forums has been scarce!Time to put myself in check, and get this going!!

Until next time boys and girls!       Peace<3 Jade-