The Randomness

’09 Eibach Open House May 17!

It’s that time again! Time for the largest all Honda, NO “tv dinner” event of the year! It is also the  day I will be finally bring the CTR back out, dust all the dust  bunnies off her, and enjoy the drive! If you want to come out and enjoy this event, there is open registration for spots while they last! Details here:


I have been  busy, busy! Getting everything together and I promise I will update pics very soon! I am the worst person with a camera! I have realized that it seems to take a lot to get me to use my damn camera!! Uploading and editing, that’s another chore to an anti-camera nerd!! Just having a blog was a step for me!! Pretty comical being i’m an executive in the tech world of telecommunications!! Guess it’s good my friends and family are a bunch of photographers!!


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