The Randomness

So Fresh! So Clean!

I had to interrupt the flow of the blog with this one!! I had the pleasure of going to the damn best car wash I have ever visited!

After visiting some clients downtown, I decided to give my poor daily driver(TSX) a much needed bath! She was covered in filth after our weekend drive to San Fran! I pulled into a spot on the corner by the airport called “Body Beautiful”. At first glance of the sign i’d expect a strip club!! I pull in and am greeted by a guy that looked like he could have been Brad Pitt 10 years ago prior to becoming a crackhead! He was very cool, took my order and I was on my way inside to pay and wait for what “Brad Pitt” said was 15 minutes.  I go to pay the attendant inside who has blue nails, and drop my huge wad of cash I grabbed in a hurry in San Fran in Japantown. I look like a stuffed my cash in my pants and wadded it up or something!! It goes everywhere!! I am not a cash person, loose it like crazy!! So.. I say a bit loud.. “fuck I hate cash!”.. This prompts the cashier into telling me how she looses cash all the time too, and how she saved a 90 year old lady from getting her cash jacked by a crazed mexican downtown last week at Ralphs! As I look at her in complete confusion of what drug she is on, I spot something that makes me excited like a 3 year old and a lolli pop, Squash!!!!!! I have yet to see a good car wash ever have squash in their display of nasty ass air fresheners!! My day totally sucked until this very moment!! For whatever reason that smell makes me go nuts!! Mostly all the memories that come along with squash make me happy!! Little did I  know that the crazy cashier was as crazy about squash as I am! She then goes into a long detailed conversation about going all the way to the Japanese store in Clairemont for squash!! Crackheaded white lady + squash, i’m at loss of words!! I buy my full hand wash and detail for a measly $18 and my squash, i’m good to go!! I sit on this 30 year old bench and take a call. It’s my favorite East Coast buddy! No other then Stunna Ben!! I cant help it but to share my excitement over squash with Ben when I see the guys hand washing, polishing, and drying my Volks!! I’m really stoked now!! They needed it!! In the mean time im yelling in joy to Ben about my car wash experience when they guys next to me waiting think im a skitzzo talking to myself since im wearing my bluetooth under my long ass hair!! This is getting interesting!! Car is done, and looks better then the day I got it!! I am stoked! I hand the last of my crumpled wad of cash to the carwash dood and say peace. He pounds on my window and asks me, “this all fo me?”. He shows me the wad of cash. I nod and say goodbye almost driving down the wrong way of a one way street!! photo-1501cars


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