The Randomness

Once you go K, you’ll never go back….

blangI have to tell you, I was going to take a trip back into time and go back to my roots. I was a bit excited to do something B-series for a change.  But, I slep good last night! Slept on what I was about to do.  I woke up with a straight mind.

Once I got bit by the K monster it was over! My first K motor was all it took to get me bitten! It’s like when you start buying Gucci purses instead of Dooney bags! Haha, sorry had to throw something femme in this!You can’t possibly go back. You will never be happy. So, here we are! This is the beginning of a new mindset, lets the madness begin!

Big Thanks to everyone that puts up with my random shit each and every day! You know who you are!k20a2-block


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