The Randomness

It’s Christmas in February!


It was a beautiful day! 75 degrees and totally sunny! What a great February Christmas! To most today was just another day in February. Just another sunny day in So Cal. To me it was Christmas! I took the day off for the most part, and slowly made my way up to Norco. Drove the whole hour up there with the windows down, enjoying the warm So Cal weather that I still get giddy about! (hey, i’m new to Socal sort of!) I finally made it up to Skunk2 about 4:00. I felt like a kid all over again for the afternoon, packing my car to the roof with new goodies for the build! Oh and not to mention I felt like a queen in my thigh high new Tory Burch boots! Watch out! They are ass kickin’ boots guys!! So, here I was car full with goodies and a new pair of boots! Life couldn’t possibly get any better! Then, I learn we are going to go celebrate Tony’s “10th annual 21st Birthday”  at Buffalo Wild Wings. That is hands down the best wing  joint in the world! I had been missing that place bad ever since I moved to San Diego!! Now i’m really happy! So, 8 boneless naked wings later i’m off to go home with my packed ass car to Daygo, oh and after I grabbed some Starbucks for the road too!!  Needless to say, I am ecstatic! I am finally getting my ass in to gear and really getting the build started in time for it’s May debut at Eibach! I am one Happy girl!!

SUPER BIG thanks to Tony and the crew at Skunk2 for their support with the build!!



This is how you know you are a true Skunk2 fan!! A customer was dying to have the autographs from the one and only on his manifold cover!! That’s cover is going back to one happy guy named Jose with an RSX! img_07041




Stay tuned for more boys, it’s just gettin’ started!!dsc03302


dsc033095 feet of Skunk 2 goodies, hence my face is covered!! LOL!
This brown box is EXTRA special! Hiding inside is one of the first batch of K header sold in production from Skunk 2!! Be sure to check out their site for more details on this bad ass header!!



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