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R is for Red!

Yep, I  should be fired from writing blogs! It has been 2 weeks since I have updated the blog! I can thank my hectic career and life for the lagging! The past few weeks have been crazy for me! Buying of K goodies, my career, and family have really tested my multi tasking skills! After a late evening of a photoshoot at Confidental, and an evening out downtown I seemed to rest up enough to get the paint finished up on the rollcage.  Just as I suspected, I am super happy with the results! Now it’s  time to dry and unmask my newspaper that sure came in handy for masking every nook and cranny of the R. 

BIG thanks to Mr.Nguyen and my girls, Soleil and Kai Kai for all their help masking, 2 and 6 year olds sure can mask! Haha!





Masking in last weekends’ 80 degree weather!




Love this Red!




Before paint:




After!  more to come, the engine bay and flooring of the interior is next this week, time for a fresh new coat of NH-0!!






Got excited! Unmasked it already!






I never like anything femme on my cars, so figured this was a funny shot! I happened to be out in the garage in my leopard 4 inch heels! Yeah, don’t ask!!photo-181