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More Head! More Randomness!

The head is back! Quick! This is one clean head, might even serve dinner off it!





Skunk2 Valves!





Clean PRB head!


Head Studs


Skunk 2 titanium retainers



torqed it down



Gotta start them early!!



Stage 3 Clutchimg_1011






Oil Pump




Last but not least! I am never one to bash/hate on anything on my blog but this really pissed me off!! I have not used my Honda-Tech login in YEARS! So, today I decided I wanted to register with a new name and start a build thread. Might as well being I have a thread everywhere else, and I like to share my journey with everyone. I stopped posting on that board for my own reasons, which i’m sure is not a big surprise to anyone! I put all my opinions away and tried to start fresh, and what happend?? DENYED!!!! Their ignornat interface wouldn’t even let me use the username I choose! Well, shit gave it a second, third, AND fourth try with different choices and once again DENYED!!!  I was not requesting anything bad, rude, or voulgar, just my name!! Wow, so enough said!! Since it is all about just being able to share my passion and my build, I am now going to have a friend post it for me.  Their retarded crap shouldn’t keep a good build like mine from being posted. Uhhh okay I will take my prozac now boys and girls!


Until Next time……