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An emotional day for Jade+Jade.

Today was a day that was long awaited! Jade had her heart comfortably transplanted in her chest.  I can’t exactly describe the feelings I had today. Jade means a lot to me. No matter what life has swung at me, she’s always been my shoulder to cry on, my stress release, my everything.  The moment we met we were inseparable! I’m not sure what we would do if we were ever apart! I give my heart to her, and it’s in the form of a K.









Hasport EKK2 mounts are RHD friendly!!







Skunk 2 header looks amazing and has perfect clearance!






Skunk 2 exhaust fit is amazing and looks sexy!








Adjusted the camber for better fit of the front tires since I have chosen to run a Toyo R888










Much more to come tomorrow, plenty of work is left to be done before Tuesday’s deadline.


Follow the Yellow Brick Road..

This moment reminds me of Wizard of  Oz. Haha, weird huh!  Reminds me of the Tin Man off on his journey to get a real heart.  Jade has her heart at last!

Off to the Yellow Brick Road…






I jacked some Wheels from a friend so I could test fit some Toyo R888 tires as they come in very limited sizes. After some minor mods to the fenders they fit like a glove! I am loving these!



Off to see the Wizard!!


With only an iPhone on me I had to snap a pic for everyone! She has her heart!




Much more to come boys and Girls!! Stay tuned!

The end is near!

The end is near, or is it? It hard to really say a build is ever over right? Once you “finish” up a build it seems there’s  always something new that catches your eye, or something else that your car will really benefit from. In reality a build is never over. It’s never ending.  I am one to get bored easy, and randomly change things up a bit! It also comes with being a chick. Wheels are like shoes, one pair will never do!

The motor should be in the car by Monday/Tuesday! Goal is to be tuned on Tuesday before I depart to Never Neverland!


More to come boys and girls!





BDL 70mm TB, Thanks to Nick at BDL!!





RHD JDM ITR Cross Member Thanks to Steve at HMO and Brian at Hasport!!



Once again, Big Thanks to Nick at BDL for getting me a nice fresh set of tow hooks in my favorite color! Gold!!!!!!

EK Love worldwide!

It’s always fun to see forums overseas! This one inparticular loves to read my blog! Thanks boys! I like their EK pics they currently have up! They even have an old rolling shot of my CTR! Haha!

Straight from:


NH-0 Crazy!

I hope you enjoyed the randomness this week about what I hate about the forums! I am sure there are a few butt hurt faces out there, but hey it’s the truth! Don’t gotta lie to kick it boys oh and girls! Shout out to Joey ( the “Fakin’ the Funk” read was awesome! I couldn’t have said it any better!

Wow!  I am getting some very interesting traffic here lately! All the way from Italy to Malaysia! Grazie! posso offrile de bere’ ?  Just Kidding! I don’t really speak Italian LOL  Uhh english is my language, I tried!

Well, not a big random update today just some fresh paint! There’s nothing like a freshly painted engine bay and some NH-0! NH-0 for the noobs is the paint code for the beloved championship white! It is one of my favorite colors of all times, and also one of the most knocked off colors of all with the JDM trend. I have seen some pretty bad impersonations of this color. But, this is the “real deal”.

It was really important to me to keep the paint on my car as authentic as possible. I refuse to repaint Jade! Her exterior tells a story with her few small battle wounds from her journey from Japan to America. The only items I painted are the needed ones!
The engine bay was covered in grease from an axle I busted, and the paint was stained with grime and had quite a few big gauges from the numerous swaps she’s been through in her life time. To keep the paint all looking as similar as possible, I chose a nice single stage to give the bay a nice clean coat of paint, without adding a blinggy glossy finish.
Here is Jade’s bay before paint-


I always have a spare set of hands to help out!

After some prep and a fresh coat of paint!




I also resprayed the flooring of the car to freshen it up. Yet again went with a nice single stage so it matched nicely with everything else!







I Love my Momo, good for my tiny hands!


This next week is going to be the craziest week of the entire build! Motor is going in, adding all the finishing touches to the car before its tuned at Church on the 27th! Let the real randomness begin!

10 things I Hate About Car Forums..

I am feeling kind of lazy today, pics can wait.. Figured I’d throw in some randomness for today

Since I am not a big “post whore” on the forums these days, I found a good topic.. 10 things I hate about forums-

1) Cheesy Topic names for build or picture threads… “my epic”,  “Final”, “exclusive”, “Official”, “*********”, etc… Like all the *** make it so much more important!

2)posting “56K no way” bla bla bla… come on it’s 2009!

3)Any typical female “enthusiasts”.. They are usually on for 2 reasons- hit on doods, and get attention .. I love their “build threads” which don’t actually consist of building anything really, usually just adding some uber JDM mirrors or wheels, waxing their 10 year old paint, or throwing some purple washers on their bay.. Glad they’re trying, nothing but love, but damn quit abusing the term “build thread” already Geez!

4) Everyone is a “photographer”! LOL at all these guys watermarking some horrible pics! Come on!

5)  2 pages of Guys dumping 10K+ into a K swap with  16+ page build threads just for it to shine at a car show, and never have the balls to track it. Yep, I just said it! Enjoy it, You built it!! You don’t have to be the track expert to enjoy it boys!  I know “to each is their own” , but damn if it’s going to just sit and shine you might as well have stuck to a single cam!

6) Everyone is a Thug! Flexing their muscles over dumb ass conflicts online, but same people show up at a meet and are scared to even confront each other.

7) User signatures with the entire rainbow in them. Are we in art class boys?

8 ) Nut Swingers! (enough said, you know what i’m talking about!)

9) “Newbie”,  “From Honda-Tech”, introduction threads. Seriously, I think there’s 3 pages of these! If we need to know your life story we will ask! And your from Honda-Tech? Great! Add some more hate to the already jacked up world of forums!

10) “Fakin’ the funk” as Joey said it! Real stickers, Fake Wheels! This is one if the biggest annoyances on the forums lately! Enough of that, I think Joey is covering this topic nicely very soon! Yey for!


Enough of my rant of randomness. Forums are beginning to be  like looking at car accident. They are horrible, but you can’t help but to look and say something about it.


Oh and on one last note!

Stumbled across this on Myspace. This is awesome! I am a big Hello Kitty fan since a child, don’t get me wrong but this sticker is brilliant! Definitely rocking this on the R! The sticker says it all!!



Straight from their MySpace page:

“DON’T YOU KIDS HATE “PUSSIES”?!! for those people who don’t know who these pussies are, PUSSIES: people that talk but dont WALK. support&rock this sticker.”

2 Weeks Until the real randomness begins..


It’s been a very tested past few weeks for me. Many have led themselves to believe I live the total dream here in So Cal,  Cars, Money, Glamour, bla bla bla.  Sure I do haha, I guess… but it really comes along with hard work.  Little do you know, i’m a pretty modest girl. Just mind my own, and lay low. I have a family I support all on my own, and that always comes long before any of my car bullshit. Between birthdays, losing a loved family member, and really being tested in my very high stressed career, I am still making progress on the R! Nothing has yet to stop me and I don’t plan on ever even worrying about giving up. Cars are what keep life interesting! I set goals in all aspects of my life and keep to them. The R will finally be ready in 2 weeks! I am counting down the days like a kid in December, eagerly waiting Christmas! Santa is bringing me a K swapped CTR!


Enough of the chit chat, here’s the latest progress if you haven’t already checked it out on my “favorite” forum (NOT!!) honda-tech or on my real favorite NWP4LIFE-



Thanks again to Nick and the BDL gang for all the support! BDL TB is soon to be installed too, fresh from BDL!




New BDL Oil Cap soon to come as well!



I don’t know what needs to be said, New Skunk 2 header is dead sexy!! Thanks to Tony at Skunk 2!!











Okay…enough is enough..but man I am in Love with this piece!!


EP3 idler pulley



That is it for now boys n girls! Next stop is a little roadtrip to Vegas to renew my registration for Jade! More to come…..

When life gives you lemons, paint that shit Gold!

One of my favorite quotes! I am getting very good at painting shit gold if ya know what I mean! In love of this, I have made added some gold to my build!!




Skunk2 stage 2 cams



















Fresh from the powder coating shop here in town! Pretty!



I am such a sucker for some carbon kevlar, almost as good as a new purse! Hmmm, actually maybe better!! Rbc intake manifold with 70mm BDL TB on soon along with my Skunk2 header and rbc intake manifold next update!