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2 Weeks Until the real randomness begins..


It’s been a very tested past few weeks for me. Many have led themselves to believe I live the total dream here in So Cal,  Cars, Money, Glamour, bla bla bla.  Sure I do haha, I guess… but it really comes along with hard work.  Little do you know, i’m a pretty modest girl. Just mind my own, and lay low. I have a family I support all on my own, and that always comes long before any of my car bullshit. Between birthdays, losing a loved family member, and really being tested in my very high stressed career, I am still making progress on the R! Nothing has yet to stop me and I don’t plan on ever even worrying about giving up. Cars are what keep life interesting! I set goals in all aspects of my life and keep to them. The R will finally be ready in 2 weeks! I am counting down the days like a kid in December, eagerly waiting Christmas! Santa is bringing me a K swapped CTR!


Enough of the chit chat, here’s the latest progress if you haven’t already checked it out on my “favorite” forum (NOT!!) honda-tech or on my real favorite NWP4LIFE-



Thanks again to Nick and the BDL gang for all the support! BDL TB is soon to be installed too, fresh from BDL!




New BDL Oil Cap soon to come as well!



I don’t know what needs to be said, New Skunk 2 header is dead sexy!! Thanks to Tony at Skunk 2!!











Okay…enough is enough..but man I am in Love with this piece!!


EP3 idler pulley



That is it for now boys n girls! Next stop is a little roadtrip to Vegas to renew my registration for Jade! More to come…..