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10 things I Hate About Car Forums..

I am feeling kind of lazy today, pics can wait.. Figured I’d throw in some randomness for today

Since I am not a big “post whore” on the forums these days, I found a good topic.. 10 things I hate about forums-

1) Cheesy Topic names for build or picture threads… “my epic”,  “Final”, “exclusive”, “Official”, “*********”, etc… Like all the *** make it so much more important!

2)posting “56K no way” bla bla bla… come on it’s 2009!

3)Any typical female “enthusiasts”.. They are usually on for 2 reasons- hit on doods, and get attention .. I love their “build threads” which don’t actually consist of building anything really, usually just adding some uber JDM mirrors or wheels, waxing their 10 year old paint, or throwing some purple washers on their bay.. Glad they’re trying, nothing but love, but damn quit abusing the term “build thread” already Geez!

4) Everyone is a “photographer”! LOL at all these guys watermarking some horrible pics! Come on!

5)  2 pages of Guys dumping 10K+ into a K swap with  16+ page build threads just for it to shine at a car show, and never have the balls to track it. Yep, I just said it! Enjoy it, You built it!! You don’t have to be the track expert to enjoy it boys!  I know “to each is their own” , but damn if it’s going to just sit and shine you might as well have stuck to a single cam!

6) Everyone is a Thug! Flexing their muscles over dumb ass conflicts online, but same people show up at a meet and are scared to even confront each other.

7) User signatures with the entire rainbow in them. Are we in art class boys?

8 ) Nut Swingers! (enough said, you know what i’m talking about!)

9) “Newbie”,  “From Honda-Tech”, introduction threads. Seriously, I think there’s 3 pages of these! If we need to know your life story we will ask! And your from Honda-Tech? Great! Add some more hate to the already jacked up world of forums!

10) “Fakin’ the funk” as Joey said it! Real stickers, Fake Wheels! This is one if the biggest annoyances on the forums lately! Enough of that, I think Joey is covering this topic nicely very soon! Yey for!


Enough of my rant of randomness. Forums are beginning to be  like looking at car accident. They are horrible, but you can’t help but to look and say something about it.


Oh and on one last note!

Stumbled across this on Myspace. This is awesome! I am a big Hello Kitty fan since a child, don’t get me wrong but this sticker is brilliant! Definitely rocking this on the R! The sticker says it all!!



Straight from their MySpace page:

“DON’T YOU KIDS HATE “PUSSIES”?!! for those people who don’t know who these pussies are, PUSSIES: people that talk but dont WALK. support&rock this sticker.”