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NH-0 Crazy!

I hope you enjoyed the randomness this week about what I hate about the forums! I am sure there are a few butt hurt faces out there, but hey it’s the truth! Don’t gotta lie to kick it boys oh and girls! Shout out to Joey ( the “Fakin’ the Funk” read was awesome! I couldn’t have said it any better!

Wow!  I am getting some very interesting traffic here lately! All the way from Italy to Malaysia! Grazie! posso offrile de bere’ ?  Just Kidding! I don’t really speak Italian LOL  Uhh english is my language, I tried!

Well, not a big random update today just some fresh paint! There’s nothing like a freshly painted engine bay and some NH-0! NH-0 for the noobs is the paint code for the beloved championship white! It is one of my favorite colors of all times, and also one of the most knocked off colors of all with the JDM trend. I have seen some pretty bad impersonations of this color. But, this is the “real deal”.

It was really important to me to keep the paint on my car as authentic as possible. I refuse to repaint Jade! Her exterior tells a story with her few small battle wounds from her journey from Japan to America. The only items I painted are the needed ones!
The engine bay was covered in grease from an axle I busted, and the paint was stained with grime and had quite a few big gauges from the numerous swaps she’s been through in her life time. To keep the paint all looking as similar as possible, I chose a nice single stage to give the bay a nice clean coat of paint, without adding a blinggy glossy finish.
Here is Jade’s bay before paint-


I always have a spare set of hands to help out!

After some prep and a fresh coat of paint!




I also resprayed the flooring of the car to freshen it up. Yet again went with a nice single stage so it matched nicely with everything else!







I Love my Momo, good for my tiny hands!


This next week is going to be the craziest week of the entire build! Motor is going in, adding all the finishing touches to the car before its tuned at Church on the 27th! Let the real randomness begin!