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The end is near!

The end is near, or is it? It hard to really say a build is ever over right? Once you “finish” up a build it seems there’s  always something new that catches your eye, or something else that your car will really benefit from. In reality a build is never over. It’s never ending.  I am one to get bored easy, and randomly change things up a bit! It also comes with being a chick. Wheels are like shoes, one pair will never do!

The motor should be in the car by Monday/Tuesday! Goal is to be tuned on Tuesday before I depart to Never Neverland!


More to come boys and girls!





BDL 70mm TB, Thanks to Nick at BDL!!





RHD JDM ITR Cross Member Thanks to Steve at HMO and Brian at Hasport!!



Once again, Big Thanks to Nick at BDL for getting me a nice fresh set of tow hooks in my favorite color! Gold!!!!!!