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You can never own too many shoes…

Being a woman never helps a shoe habit. Unlike most women I’m not talking about heels either!


Thanks to Justin at Buddy Club!




Some little goodies too!




Got my Work wheels back from North County Powder Coating, added fresh new stickers from Work!!










Almost time for Eibach! I will see everyone soon!


Numbers, numbers, numbers!

Well, well, well! After a very long week, and some minor hick up’s with some much needed parts for the car we pulled it off! Friday dyno day was up in the air until the very last minute! Of all days to make the almost 100 mile trek to Church Automotive Testing, we chose a Friday evening right at rush hour! We finally made our way to Chruch at about 7:45! By about 11:30 we were done! I think we were all a bit surprised with the numbers! I am very patiently awaiting the new Skunk2 intake manifold which is rumored to be available towards the end of  May! Then we are headed back to the dyno again!

I was so excited that I managed to leave the camera at home, so WARNING iPhone photos suck!!!










End result: 263hp/181lbft!


Thanks again to Church Automotive Testing in Wilmington CA ( Southern California/LA area)

I’m in Love….

It’s like they say, when you fall in love you can’t think straight, can’t eat, can’t sleep. I drove Jade for the first time since dropping in her new heart on Saturday, and I fell in love all over again! Don’t get me wrong, the second I layed eyes on my CTR years ago I was in love then. But, it’s like falling in love all over again now that she has a new heart!

The next step in this lovefest is tuning the car at Church next week, and getting my mystery seats in the car! My wheels are rumored to be done today too!


I started to sticker her up this week for the fast approaching Eibach Meet! Counting the days!!












Rocking the Chronicles sticker! Thanks Joey!!

Always have to Rep where I came from! My homies all helped make me who I am today! RIP Abe 3.31.07



Just another money $hot for today…

Nothing will stop me, it’s not over!

That’s right. Everything may be done, but it’s just the beginning. It is the beginning of a great schedule of events! The annual Eibach meet is coming up really quick! I am actually looking forward to coming out with the car! Last year I choose to skip it and go to the track instead. But, after a lot of time and effort with the build, I am excited to come out this year.  This will be Jade’s first appearance for the year at the meet!

Finally,  after a quick trip up to Skunk2 today,  for the first time I got to hear her turn over today! Man does Jade sound scary! And, I mean in a good way! I was a Mother in tears today! It was like the birth of another child! I am so excited to go get her tuned soon, and get to finally drive her!

I have spent the past few days alone with Jade giving her some much needed TLC! Years of time on the road and a long journey to the US had really taken its toll on her exterior. I did a full clay bar, wax, and total scrub down from head to toe! She is a beauty!