The Randomness

Nothing will stop me, it’s not over!

That’s right. Everything may be done, but it’s just the beginning. It is the beginning of a great schedule of events! The annual Eibach meet is coming up really quick! I am actually looking forward to coming out with the car! Last year I choose to skip it and go to the track instead. But, after a lot of time and effort with the build, I am excited to come out this year.  This will be Jade’s first appearance for the year at the meet!

Finally,  after a quick trip up to Skunk2 today,  for the first time I got to hear her turn over today! Man does Jade sound scary! And, I mean in a good way! I was a Mother in tears today! It was like the birth of another child! I am so excited to go get her tuned soon, and get to finally drive her!

I have spent the past few days alone with Jade giving her some much needed TLC! Years of time on the road and a long journey to the US had really taken its toll on her exterior. I did a full clay bar, wax, and total scrub down from head to toe! She is a beauty!







One response

  1. Good to see Jade is up and running.

    RPF1 is definitely the best choice for Jade. My EF is running on these and soon my Black Mamba will have a set as well..and its gonna be black! lol.

    May 5, 2009 at 8:47 am

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