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Skunk2 Blog gets even better!

Skunk2 has made the blog even more interesting! Check out the new blog roll they have going! Not only do you have the official Skunk2 blog, but you get to see things on a little more more personal level.  Now joining the blog roll you have:

Skunk Blog!

Stunna Ben’s Urban Assult blog!

WTF?! blog! > this is very funny but beware NWS boys!

Dave’s blog!

Compass 360R race blog!

The Doctor’s blog!


Quite the fun lineup! Be sure to make this one of your daily faves!




Everyone needs a brake once and a while, even Jade.

Spocom marks the last event for us recently. The past few months have been one big roller coaster as it is with any build! Deadlines, and everything that comes with that.  Weekend after weekend has been dedicated to the car. It is time for a break! I am human just as you all are, and I need some rest and time off! The month of July will bring a few track days, another trip back to the dyno, and hopefully a new long awaited intake manifold! Until then Jade is taking a brake resting comfortably with her friends.

WARNING: iPhone photos below!





Spocom. Spocom.

Last weekend was one long weekend. After bringing the car out to Eibach, and Spocom lately I have realized shows and all the drama with the prep are almost as much work as going to the track!! I have always been a track oriented enthusiast over the years, and never really given 2 shits about the shows. But, damn they really do take up a lot of time and effort.  Mad props to the show car guys that stick to it, a lot of work for a short amount of time spent actually at the show!! It was pretty funny to see a bunch of chicks bent over my car for pictures too!

Thanks to Source Interlink (Honda Tuning) for having my car at the booth.








Oh and the pre-party on Pine was pretty bad I must say. Maybe next year will be better as this was the first time they did the whole pre-party and cars out on Pine. This is all I have of the supposed “pre-party”, hella cops and crazy bums!! Haha! Until next time…..



Spocom 2009

Spocom is quickly coming up here in less then a week. This is definitely one of the fun shows to check out no matter what your taste in cars may be.  Every year just gets better and better!!

Be sure to stop by the Honda Tuning Magazine booth this year and check out the CTR and support your favorite automotive magazine!



Skunk2 has a blog too!

Yep, thats right. In case you haven’t heard about it or seen it yet Skunk 2 now has a blog!

The CTR and its full story will be up soon on the Skunk2 blog I hear! Be sure to stay tuned and keep peepin this blog as it’s a good one!!


More to come!!



Ready, set, go!

After the Eibach meet, my good friend Ben Howard made his way down to San Diego to shoot Jade. Mr. Stunna Ben had made his way here from the East Coast for the annual Eibach meet, but made some time out of his crazy ass schedule to shoot the car before he went back home. Ben is one of the few friends that really understands me, and it shows through his shoot.  BIG thanks again to Ben and his friend Jonathan that was super sick the whole time but stuck it out the whole time!!  Check out more for Ben at! He has also started a blog recently as well Also, check out newstands now for the July issue of  Import Tuner for some of Ben’s work too!


Here is some of the great things to come here soon!





Eibach Aftermath

Wow! I am officially fired from writing blogs! It has been way too long since the last update! The past month has been one for the records! I realized that I balance ALOT! I manage to juggle my full blown career, my family, my children, and  my passion daily! Man I can sit and tell you it is easy, but I’d be lying. This past month I have laughed, I have cried, I have smiled. To many finishing their build is an accomplishment in itself, but managing to finish it on top of the many extenuating circumstances in my life is not only a accomplishment, but a miracle! I can not tell the friends, family, and colleagues how much I appreciate them through out this all. Thank You all!

This is not even close to the end. This is just the beginning! I have never once in my life given up on anything no matter what the case may be. I am a fighter, and I always will be.  I have never let anyone or anything get in my way. I can be on my last limb and still be here fighting for what I love. I have 110% support in my life from my family and many friends in all and any aspects of my life.

Thank You to everyone who has sent me pictures from the Eibach meet! I was so busy running around I didnt even bring a camera!


Here are a few of the many many pictures of the meet:


Thanks to the tunerzine for the shots!







 Many people who dont really know me couldn’t quite figure out who I was at Eibach, so I posted a pic Stunna Ben had taken. Haha! Any dood that was standing around with me and my car automatically became the “owner” of my car to the spectators haha!  Here ya go!



After the meet we got a small shoot in for some sponsor shots. Joey was nice enough to have his friend Chris take some shots for me in.

Thanks to Joey for these pics. Check all of them out on





The little shoot in the back of Eibach marked the end of the day at 6pm for me.  I then made the hot drive back to San Diego in the CTR. That was one hot drive!

Here is a iphone shot of the drive home. Warning iPhone pictures suck!!





One event down, many more to go!