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Skunk2 has a blog too!

Yep, thats right. In case you haven’t heard about it or seen it yet Skunk 2 now has a blog!

The CTR and its full story will be up soon on the Skunk2 blog I hear! Be sure to stay tuned and keep peepin this blog as it’s a good one!!


More to come!!




Ready, set, go!

After the Eibach meet, my good friend Ben Howard made his way down to San Diego to shoot Jade. Mr. Stunna Ben had made his way here from the East Coast for the annual Eibach meet, but made some time out of his crazy ass schedule to shoot the car before he went back home. Ben is one of the few friends that really understands me, and it shows through his shoot.  BIG thanks again to Ben and his friend Jonathan that was super sick the whole time but stuck it out the whole time!!  Check out more for Ben at! He has also started a blog recently as well Also, check out newstands now for the July issue of  Import Tuner for some of Ben’s work too!


Here is some of the great things to come here soon!