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Spocom. Spocom.

Last weekend was one long weekend. After bringing the car out to Eibach, and Spocom lately I have realized shows and all the drama with the prep are almost as much work as going to the track!! I have always been a track oriented enthusiast over the years, and never really given 2 shits about the shows. But, damn they really do take up a lot of time and effort.  Mad props to the show car guys that stick to it, a lot of work for a short amount of time spent actually at the show!! It was pretty funny to see a bunch of chicks bent over my car for pictures too!

Thanks to Source Interlink (Honda Tuning) for having my car at the booth.








Oh and the pre-party on Pine was pretty bad I must say. Maybe next year will be better as this was the first time they did the whole pre-party and cars out on Pine. This is all I have of the supposed “pre-party”, hella cops and crazy bums!! Haha! Until next time…..