The Randomness

Everyone needs a brake once and a while, even Jade.

Spocom marks the last event for us recently. The past few months have been one big roller coaster as it is with any build! Deadlines, and everything that comes with that.  Weekend after weekend has been dedicated to the car. It is time for a break! I am human just as you all are, and I need some rest and time off! The month of July will bring a few track days, another trip back to the dyno, and hopefully a new long awaited intake manifold! Until then Jade is taking a brake resting comfortably with her friends.

WARNING: iPhone photos below!






One response

  1. Hi Jade,

    Loads of things you’ve done on the EK9, is there any possibility that I can feature your ride in my blog? If can, can you mail me latest specs you’re running, as for pics I can copy from here. Thanks a lot 🙂



    July 17, 2009 at 4:31 am

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