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Jade is getting a new home!

Don’t worry not that kind of new home!! Jade has been laying low here for a while as we move to our new larger home. Cancelled track events have led to good things dont worry! August is packed full of events for the CTR!! Lucky for Jade her new home provides her with her own private finished garage away from the other garage and the daily drivers! The car is right at home! Stay tuned for much more in the weeks to c0me when Jade comes out of the garage yet again!


Warning!! iPhone pic ahead!




Jade is loved overseas!

I love to see how our builds here in the US are perceived overseas. It is so cool to see how something I love is appreciated overseas! Even in Malaysia! I can’t say I know anything about it over there, but I have learned they love Hondas over there! I have had an overwhelming response from overseas in many countries, but seen the most in Malaysia! Also, they have some great automotive bloggers over there! Firdaus was nice enough to ask me if he could write a piece about the build.  It’s even better to see a VW enthusiest fall in love with a K series beast!   Thanks again for your enjoyment of my build and for following the blog! Check out his own blog at