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Mega Matsuri… was it so mega??

Last weekend was the first Mega Matsuri event in downtown LA, same spot as Nisei as you all know. The event was a great idea, and seemed to be going well. The crowd was a bit small and there was still some more room for more cars, but hey it was the first year! I think this will grow into a great show as it continues. It was great to see all the homies, and meet some new ones! Ryan from Rywire was down with his booth him and Big Mike managed to get together quickly, CTR was on display with the booth for the day.




Be sure to go check out The Chronicles coverage, stole a pic!! Thanks to Joey and his always awesome blog!!



Nisei Coverage… or not!

Yep, that’s right! No coverage! Why? Because I managed to miss the event!! I went up to Nor Cal to take care of some important business during the week, and drive all the way home just in time for the show. Or, so I thought. After driving back home to So Cal Friday evening, driving 12 hours with construction, I was finally home by 4am! I figured, what the hell I will take a nap before driving the car 2 hours up to LA.. Well, my little nap turned into a full on passed out sleep! I woke up at 10am to my phone blowing up like crazy! Not only did I miss the show, my friends all thought I crashed or something driving up since I didn’t make it for my 9am roll-in. Sorry friends and stalkers! I blew it!


Don’t be disappointed as the fun isn’t over. Saturday is Mega Matsuri at the same location. I promise not to sleep through this one! I look forward to this event and seeing all the friends, family, and stalkers! Be there!



The countdown to Nisei….

It’s that time of year again for one of the hottest car shows of the year. When I say hot I mean the temperature! Every year I have gone out to this, my first memory of the show is how hot it is out there! I am not necessarily looking forward to all of it. I decided to keep it real and drive the CTR all the way there. No trailerdrama. LA freeways have always been interesting for me between the people hanging out of their cars with cameras to the shitty ass potholes they have going on up there on the roads, it’s quite interesting… I have a long week ahead of me. I have some travel to do this week, so I will be driving a 1000+ miles in 3 days to handle some business and be back just hours before the show Saturday. This show marks one of the last shows for me for the year as I built my pride and joy for the track, not for the car shows. I have always loved Nisei, so I decided I wanted to enter the car.. After that, there’s plenty of testing left for the car to see what is next!! Be sure to come check out the car and say hi all you friends, stalkers, and strangers!!




As most of you can see it’s been a while since the last update on here. Once again, I am fired from writing blogs! I never once said I was a writer. There comes a time in everyones life when you sit there and you question what you’re doing. No matter how confidant you are in the world, you still can’t sit there and say you never question things. I myself am a very confidant person and most that know me remember me for my confidence. I have never been one to second guess anything. I have always said you can’t live your life being guarded wishing you had done something when you only live once. But, over the last month I found myself doing something I never do. I questioned what the hell I was doing. In that moment I was so frustrated I was ready to say fuck it! I was all amped up ready to post my beloved CTR up for sale and move on.  I thought about everything, weighed all the odds in my life. Is it worth all the bullshit? Is it worth all the time and effort? A good friend told me to just leave it alone. lock the garage, ignore the car and pretend it isn’t there, and see how I feel. So, I did. With in a few days I was lost. I felt like this huge piece of me was ripped from my body. I was useless! So, last weekend I opened up the garage, grabbed my gas can and headed for the gas station. I grabbed me some 111, filled the car up and went for a ride. A long ride at that. I took a drive up to the track in Fontana, Calispeedway or whatever the hell they call that track these days for the Super Street FF battle. During the long bumpy ride up there I made peace with my beloved CTR.  Never would I question her and everything that comes with it again. These few hours took me away from reality and made me really get a grip on things.


I spent about 2 hours up there at the track watching the dyno sessions for the FF battle, and saw some of the homies I haven’t seen in a while. It was great to get away from the real world for a bit.


I was cameraless that day, but lucklyfor my friend Mike G, he was nice enough to share his pics he took that day.