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Nisei Coverage… or not!

Yep, that’s right! No coverage! Why? Because I managed to miss the event!! I went up to Nor Cal to take care of some important business during the week, and drive all the way home just in time for the show. Or, so I thought. After driving back home to So Cal Friday evening, driving 12 hours with construction, I was finally home by 4am! I figured, what the hell I will take a nap before driving the car 2 hours up to LA.. Well, my little nap turned into a full on passed out sleep! I woke up at 10am to my phone blowing up like crazy! Not only did I miss the show, my friends all thought I crashed or something driving up since I didn’t make it for my 9am roll-in. Sorry friends and stalkers! I blew it!


Don’t be disappointed as the fun isn’t over. Saturday is Mega Matsuri at the same location. I promise not to sleep through this one! I look forward to this event and seeing all the friends, family, and stalkers! Be there!