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farewell to my baby…onto new things

Today I felt like someone stole my puppy. I felt like I did when I left home for the first time, and you can’t help to look back and say wow, this is a little scary. I said goodbye to my Integra. This DB started as my daily driver about 2 years ago.  I love the car almost as much as my CTR! I looked for months for the ideal DB! I went all over CA and online for a very long time until I stumbled upon this unicorn on none other the NWP4LIFE forum. I found this unicorn in West Virginia of all places! My baby made a 3 day trek on a transport to So Cal when I got her. It was here in record time and in great condition! Never did I think I would ever sell it! But, I did! When I am not busy in randomness, I have a “real” job that basically requires me to act like a grown up, dress well, and smooze with large corporate companies and their CEOs, CFOs, etc…. So, pretty much the DB is out! No CEOs would want to sit in my mint ITR rear seat! So, long long story short I am now officially a BMW owner. I now fit in with 80% of my parking lot at work! It is pretty funny these days!

Goodbye to my love! Bye Bye DB…Hello BMW….arughh….














Eibach Summer more like fall evening ’09…

It was that time again to visit Corona for the Eibach evening event.. This one is always fun because its not just limited to Hondas like the normal annual meet is.. I arrived a bit late to the meet, so I had to make the awkward drive through a bunch of standing people.. I survived, or so I thought.. I quickly popped the hood and tried not to stand even close to the car as it was a sausage fest around my car! I love the support, and fans of my build dont get me wrong but it was kind of crazy. It was the first time I was uncomfortable in my own shoes.. After a few hours of questions, friends, and some stalkers I was ready to go! I made a quick exit out at about 7:45 and called it a night. Sorry!

Thanks to the NWP boys for saving me a great spot! Ryan, Matt, Jerm, and the rest of the bunch.. Thanks!


Thank you to all the followers of my blog and my build this year, I really appreciate it! This past year has been one to remember! 


 I managed to gather a few pictures I liked from friends and fellow bloggers. Thanks again guys!







Stole these 2 shots from some ricer named The Tea Father.. Thanks!!


Check out this blog, the pictures are great!




 That’s about it for now boys and girls.. Up next is some track testing hopefully very soon!

It’s that time again… Summer Nights at Eibach..

Yup, it’s the time yet again for one of my favorite meets of the year here in So Cal.. Summer Nights at Eibach are always fun!Its less heat being in the evening, and is a bit more enjoyable then the usual daytime meet there.  Not only do you have the usual Honda crowd here, but you have the others there too.. All makes and models.. Be sure to come and check it out, bring your car, invite your friends, family, and stalkers! Be sure to share the fancy flyer made by the infamous Joey Lee (, and whore it out!!

See you guys there!