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Someone wise told me when you are burnt out, walk away for a bit and take a break, Don’t give up.. I have learned that taking a break and just leaving the car alone for a bit makes me appreciate it even more than I already do.  It’s been an interesting year for me this year. Many big changes and new beginnings, which I love but this year has left me tired! I have been laying low just doing what I need to do for the past month. Even the people close to me in life ask, what’s wrong with you? Yeah, it’s not like me to just mind my own and stay away from the track and the fun, but I took some time for myself. I have found a new reason to be happy, and I am refreshed!


On Friday, I went and gassed up the CTR with my usual 111 octane, who says you have to run pump gas on the freeway?! I had my day set out on visiting some of the people who have been supporting me and the R during this year for some photos, and chit chat.  First stop, Skunk 2. Then, a visit to BDL up in the OC. Unfortunately, I had to cut the day short since I had to rescue my Mom and a WRX with a dead ass battery. I had to reschedule for next week with the guys at Skunk.

Later in the evening I stopped by to see my friends at BDL. They are hard at work over there with the new catalog, and snapped a few pics of the car and I. During the shoot in the dark, we managed to have a few stalkers stop by. God knows how they know we’re out there! A guy stops quickly in his primered EG with absolutely no exhaust. I see him walking quickly in the dark toward us, I begin to sigh.. “man here we go again… why, why the weirdos? Does anyone have any manners anymore…?”  As he gets closer, I realise he is a kid! He probably isnt even old enough to drive his car! He comes over and his mouth is wide open! He doesn’t even know what to say! I try to make it less awkward and I start asking him about his car..  He still couldnt even say much, he was in love! He didn’t even realize at this point that it’s real. He is giving me propos for my clean conversion. Of course I told him it’s real, i’m too nice. Then this kid is even more speechless.. We talked for a few minutes about his car, and how his last car got jacked, and how shitty the world is these days with things getting stolen. He seemed happy that I even talked to him. He told me how he’s going to save all his money and buy himself a CTR. I love that! This kid had his whole life of owning a Honda planned out. He had to have been 15 years old! I can remember being that 15-year-old kid myself, looking at cars out at the street races, planning out what my “dream” car setup would be. It’s not a bad thing to have hopes and dreams, because thats how you set goals and get what you want. I can remember some of the assholes I met back in the day. You ask them anything about their cars, theyre too busy soaking up their ego trip to even give a shit. I like talking to the people out there that appreciate what I have. I was in their shoes at one time, and I set my goals and I knew what I wanted. I got it, why? Because I was determined.


Here are some teasers thanks to Nick over at BDL industries, be sure to check out their website. They now have a fan page up on Facebook also!