The Randomness

Randomness leads to filming a commercial for Honda

You never know where the randomness will lead you. A few weeks before Christmas I got a call from some guy contacting me to arrange my car for some sort of appearance in a Honda commercial. At first thought I thought it was some weird setup by cops to bust people or something, so I blew it off. Then multiple friends and sponsors got the same phone call about finding me and using the car. I thought this was pretty funny! So, after confirming this was indeed legit and not some crazy setup I made my way up to Torrance for the filming. I had no idea what I was getting into! After I froze my ass off for over 10 hours I was done, and made a few bucks! Not bad at Christmas time! I luckily ran into some friends during my hours of freezing in the night. I wasn’t sure if cameras were allowed, so I left my camera at home. Thanks to my friend Mike, I got a few pictures of this very random event!

About to punch the “stranger” with a camera too close for comfort, but then realized it was just my friend Mike! The look says it all!

Stay tuned, maybe we will spot my car in the commercial soon??


One response

  1. Scott Haworth

    Love the picture of the family and the dog. I am a big dog fan. I have a white boxer myself who loves my EK.

    February 27, 2011 at 5:30 pm

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