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Rollin’ to SF… Wek’ Fest ’10

Well, time has passed quickly and it’s time to make the 11 hour trek up North to SF for the annual Wek’Fest event. Last minute changes and cleaning are happening today in prep for the Sunday show. I had some new shirts made for the show, but not sure if I am 100% happy with the design. I will not be selling them just yet, but please stop by the booth and take a look at the test shirts , I wont be too hard to miss as I will be rocking my own version of my  “I love haters” Tee, and say hello! See you all there!


A long time coming….Honda Tuning Magazine April 2010

I can remember the days as a teenager reading all the automotive magazines. I knew back then one day I would be taken seriously, and perhaps see one of my own in one of these publications . It was never a goal to build a “show car” or a “cover car”… It was my goal to do what I do best, do what I enjoy, what makes me happy, and what keeps me motivated and do it better than the rest. I was always the “girl trying to play with the boys”.. I was doubted, I was clowned, and I was made fun of growing up at times. Why? It started back in elementary school,  I played kickball with the boys and hung out and had a good time with them. I was “accepted”. What was weird about me, was I wasn’t at all your typical “tomboy” as people may call it. I had long blonde hair, manicured nails, and always dressed nicely. I was a spoiled girl, still am to this day. I like my luxury shit. I didn’t care if I broke a nail or tore my designer jeans. It was all for fun, and to be happy! The girls hated me growing up, many still do. I had the best of both worlds. I never once let that get to my head, or used it to my advantage. I have always been into all this for myself. Over the years the kickball court turned into full-blown street racing, and eventually to the track. Life has had its ups and downs, but im still here doing what I do! I am so greatful for what life has given me, and for the great friends and family I have around me. I thank everyone here today thats been here from the very beginning. Thank you!

This is by far a great article by Joey Lee ( and a great set of photos by Stunna Ben Howard! Be sure to support the magazine, and grab the newest issue on stands next week!

Real Housewives….

The nice thing about having your own site is watching the stats and where everyone is coming from. The best are the other blogs out there that hav something fun or interesting to say! This one caught my eye and gave me a good laugh, and in a good way. This is a very true thing. Many women in the “game” as some of you call it are underespected. We to bust our asses for what we have and spend countless hours on our cars too.  

Be sure to check it out guys:

“Times have changed..

Women work, some make more money than their husbands, popping kids out every year, and there are those who even help out with swapping tires equipped with white TE37’s on a Trueno: 

“Thats your BF’s car right??”

I give props to all the women around me; we take them for granted, and girls that know their shit around a car like CarGirl & K20Jade, who bust their ass and never get the credit for the hard work..deserve it.

Big Ups to those women making that $$ & and wrenching at night/weekends..

*No Homo.”

Thanks again for the shout out Freddy!

I’m just going to keep it stock…not…

I am sure many of you guys have said this as you’re taking your new daily driver home off the lot.. I will just keep it stock, it’s just a daily… Bla Bla Bla.. That’s what I said 2 weeks ago when I took my long-awaited AP1 home. I said goodbye to the worst car by far that I have owned. The BMW was just not for me. I can sit here and bash on it, but you guys know the drill with Beemers! I have been itching for an S2000 for a realllllly long time. I decided it was time! I had my eyes set on an AP1, and found an offer I couldn’t refuse! Please give a warm welcome to Lila. She will be joining my CTR Jade in the garage from now on!As I left the dealer, I told myself I was going to leave this car alone and just enjoy it in its stock form for once. In the past this never lasted long! So, here I am! Two weeks into this relationship with Lila, I am selecting suspension, wheels, and some minor bolt-ons! Wheels are on their way..something from Volk is all I will say at this point,  and the rest is falling into place.

Welcome Lila! This will probably be the only picture I will post of her in her post operative state. ***WARNING IPHONE PICTURE!

Prepping for SF Wek’ Fest ’10 and testing!

Wel’ Fest is only a few weeks away and approaching us quickly! This year is for sure the biggest year ever that I seen in a long time! The time is ticking and time for a few changes before the show!

Testing for this month has been rescheduled for March, so I can focus on cleaning up the car and re-tuning the car with the new manifold from Skunk2! Thanks again to Tony and the crew at Skunk2 for their support with the car! More goodies for the car!

See you all in 2 weeks in SF!! Be sure to stop by the Sportcarmotion booth and check out the car!!

The Year of Randomness continues!

Well, it’s been a year of this randomness! I never expected this site to be as viewed as it has been. I wanted to show the world the story of my build and my ambition away from the forums. I was never big into sitting behind a computer and talking shit to a bunch of 17-year-old boys that think they are all professional drivers and such. So, when it came to posting my build I wanted a place that was mine and I could voice my perception uninterrupted to the entire world.  Don’t get me wrong, I posted on the forums and wanted to share all my hard work, but it just isn’t the same anymore.  I see it as part of moving on in life as you get older. You just don’t care about a bunch of random strangers on the internet anymore approving of your car and what you have made of it anymore. Well,   I was always the different one. I never cared what anyone thought.  So, here I am. I am still here! And, the journey is just beginning! Last year had its ups and downs, and there is still a lot of testing and track time to come with the car this season.

Thanks so much to all of you out there worldwide that keep reading and staying up to date with my randomness! I have seen a outpoor of readers from overseas recently. I am glad that my life long project keeps you occupied!

Be sure to become a fan on Facebook of the site!! It’s finally up!!

Happy New Year!