The Randomness

The Year of Randomness continues!

Well, it’s been a year of this randomness! I never expected this site to be as viewed as it has been. I wanted to show the world the story of my build and my ambition away from the forums. I was never big into sitting behind a computer and talking shit to a bunch of 17-year-old boys that think they are all professional drivers and such. So, when it came to posting my build I wanted a place that was mine and I could voice my perception uninterrupted to the entire world.  Don’t get me wrong, I posted on the forums and wanted to share all my hard work, but it just isn’t the same anymore.  I see it as part of moving on in life as you get older. You just don’t care about a bunch of random strangers on the internet anymore approving of your car and what you have made of it anymore. Well,   I was always the different one. I never cared what anyone thought.  So, here I am. I am still here! And, the journey is just beginning! Last year had its ups and downs, and there is still a lot of testing and track time to come with the car this season.

Thanks so much to all of you out there worldwide that keep reading and staying up to date with my randomness! I have seen a outpoor of readers from overseas recently. I am glad that my life long project keeps you occupied!

Be sure to become a fan on Facebook of the site!! It’s finally up!!

Happy New Year!


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