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I’m just going to keep it stock…not…

I am sure many of you guys have said this as you’re taking your new daily driver home off the lot.. I will just keep it stock, it’s just a daily… Bla Bla Bla.. That’s what I said 2 weeks ago when I took my long-awaited AP1 home. I said goodbye to the worst car by far that I have owned. The BMW was just not for me. I can sit here and bash on it, but you guys know the drill with Beemers! I have been itching for an S2000 for a realllllly long time. I decided it was time! I had my eyes set on an AP1, and found an offer I couldn’t refuse! Please give a warm welcome to Lila. She will be joining my CTR Jade in the garage from now on!As I left the dealer, I told myself I was going to leave this car alone and just enjoy it in its stock form for once. In the past this never lasted long! So, here I am! Two weeks into this relationship with Lila, I am selecting suspension, wheels, and some minor bolt-ons! Wheels are on their way..something from Volk is all I will say at this point,  and the rest is falling into place.

Welcome Lila! This will probably be the only picture I will post of her in her post operative state. ***WARNING IPHONE PICTURE!