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A long time coming….Honda Tuning Magazine April 2010

I can remember the days as a teenager reading all the automotive magazines. I knew back then one day I would be taken seriously, and perhaps see one of my own in one of these publications . It was never a goal to build a “show car” or a “cover car”… It was my goal to do what I do best, do what I enjoy, what makes me happy, and what keeps me motivated and do it better than the rest. I was always the “girl trying to play with the boys”.. I was doubted, I was clowned, and I was made fun of growing up at times. Why? It started back in elementary school,  I played kickball with the boys and hung out and had a good time with them. I was “accepted”. What was weird about me, was I wasn’t at all your typical “tomboy” as people may call it. I had long blonde hair, manicured nails, and always dressed nicely. I was a spoiled girl, still am to this day. I like my luxury shit. I didn’t care if I broke a nail or tore my designer jeans. It was all for fun, and to be happy! The girls hated me growing up, many still do. I had the best of both worlds. I never once let that get to my head, or used it to my advantage. I have always been into all this for myself. Over the years the kickball court turned into full-blown street racing, and eventually to the track. Life has had its ups and downs, but im still here doing what I do! I am so greatful for what life has given me, and for the great friends and family I have around me. I thank everyone here today thats been here from the very beginning. Thank you!

This is by far a great article by Joey Lee ( and a great set of photos by Stunna Ben Howard! Be sure to support the magazine, and grab the newest issue on stands next week!