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Wek’ Fest ’10 was a success for all!

Well, we did it! With over 20 hours of driving time under our belts this weekend, we managed to pull it off! The long rain filled drive was definitely worth it! This weekend marked Wek’ Fest 2010 in Japantown in San Francisco. I have always loved this lime green colored underground garage that is filled neatly with some of the best cars around! This year seemed to be more VIP filled than import, particularly Honda oriented as it had been in the past. Neverless, it was still great. With what I heard over 20,000 people attended and I believe it! It was crazy in there! This year was most special to me with my feature finally out in Honda Tuning Magazine and I got to catch up with my Dad and brother at the show! I couldn’t have asked for more! Thanks for everyone for all their kind words and props this weekend! It was great to meet everyone! Thanks to Loi and Sportcarmotion for making the long drive and transport of the CTR from So Cal to Nor Cal!!

My Dad and Brother!

Off to celebrate after Wek Fest with the family and friends!