The Randomness

The annual Eibach meet 2010 came and went!

It’s been a little over a month since I have updated everyone. I have been doing a lot during this time to get back to normal. I don’t think I ever realized what pain this accident caused me. Mentally and physically. I am on my way back to my usual madness soon.

The past month marked the annual all Honda meet at Eibach.  This has always been more about seeing the friends and family I have that all come together from all places in the county at the same place every year. I drug my ass out there even though I could barely drive my own car thanks to my arm injury from my car accident. I struggled just to put my car in reverse and park it neatly inside the parking lot for the meet. I spent most of the day with the guys at the BDL Industries booth just laying low in the shade enjoying the day. I think the only time I moved was when Brandon from Skunk2 managed to track me down for a quick interview for a video he was working on for them. I realized that day, I took for granted that I could just jump in the car anytime for one of the meets and have a good time with out a worry in the world. This time around I paid the price. I left the meet that day in pain from the drive there. The very thing I love the most was painful. So much for taking a random drive to relieve my stress!

I didn’t take any photos as usual, so I have a few from the friends that were nice enough to send them my way. Thanks guys!

And, be sure to check out the video of the “Elite” from Skunk2 at the Eibach meet:


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