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Where have you been??!!

I know, I know. It’s been quite a while since I have updated the blog. I have been all over the place since my last update. I had to kind of put my own blog on the back burner for a bit as I have been through some big life altering changes in the past few months. But, things are finally getting back on schedule around here.

I spent the last 6 years of my life in an industry that wasn’t me. I was very successful, and made great achievements in my career in telecommunications. I also realized it was not my life long career. In the past 10 years I found who I am and what I believe in. I believe the real key to success in your career is having a real passion for what you do. I now feel that I have that passion for the new industry I have fallen into. Life isn’t always just about the money and the spoils. Money only makes you happy for so long before the happiness wears off. I am confidant I made the best choice in life for myself and most importantly my family. Family is the biggest part of my life. Without my children, I wouldn’t be the person I am today. I am very grateful for the amazing friends and family I have surrounding me. In the good times, and the bad. I am terrible at picking up the phone and calling, but I never lose touch of what matters in life. I am stubborn, that’s for damn sure. But, paired with my stubbornness is determination. They go well together when you set your goals high and only settle for what is best. Life is way too short. Live each day as it is always your last! Smile and stop to notice the small things in life. Stay ambitious and on your toes at all times. You never know what each day will bring to the table. What hurts you will only make you stronger. I am a prime example of that.

So, here I am. I am currently still recovering from the aftermath of my car accident in May. The most frustrating part of being injured is the fact that you can’t do what you love. Driving down the street to the store has been difficult, let alone step foot on the track yet. Until I am medication free, I will not be anywhere behind the wheel of the CTR. The car is one of my most prized possessions in life. The bond I have with the car itself is crazy. The memories, the determination, and the struggles are all apart of that car. I trust no one when it comes to driving my car. I treat it as my 4th child. But, someone changed that self-proclaimed rule.

In July we were invited to the Super Street FF Battle. I needed to get someone behind the wheel that I could trust, and that was comfortable in a right hand drive car. Driving backwards is no walk in the park, especially on the track. We had our good friend who happens to be one of the best guys out there on the track come out on his vacation from college. Tim Kuo has been dominating in time attack racing for years now. His schedule has been tight since he is now in med school full-time now. Racing has to be set aside at times. Tim was nice enough to come out for an afternoon out at California Speedway in Fontana for some track time for FF Battle. He did a great job out there especially considering this is his first time behind the wheel of the car, and the event required we run an all season tire on the track. This was definitely an interesting time. Unfortunately Tim’s schedule didn’t allow him to stay for the rest of the event.

Since Tim was headed back to school, we asked our friends Oscar Jackson Jr. and Sr. to come out and join us for the remaining events for FF Battle. Of course my first instinct is to be protective of my precious car, but that feeling subsided quickly. When I saw the look on Oscar Jr.’s face when he first sat in the car, I saw the same expression that I see in the mirror when hoping into the car. Jr. professed his long time love for the EK9 Civic Type R. To see Oscar’s feelings about the CTR was pretty cool, especially coming from such a strong Honda oriented family. Immediately, I felt that I found the right person to trust with my car for the time that I’m unable to drive. The Super Street FF Battle is just the beginning. For, 2010 we still have 3 more track events scheduled for the car, and a very full 2011 season of racing.  Be sure to follow us for the next few events. Up next is Super Lap Battle at Buttonwillow, and Redline Time Attack at Fontana. Both are in November.

Sneak peek at Super Street’s FF Battle. The full article should be coming out soon

At Skunk2 for a custom allignment done by Oscar Jackson

Oscar Sr. out helping us in the pits

Getting ready to head back out at the track next month!

It’s been a very interesting past year, but I’m super excited to finish the year out strong, and get ready for next season!