The Randomness

MIA- a year in the making 2011

Well, it’s been a while to say the least. I have literally been all over the place. 2011 has been quite the year for me. I have traveled the world, seen family and revisited my heritage. I have been working hard to focus on the sales aspect of our company, and generate more business. In order to go out racing and do what we do best, we need to make that money! What I have learned this year is that my personal time is getting more and more limited with business picking up, and having more events on our schedule. Updating my own website has become the last thing on my list of priorities lately, but I am working on making more time for myself. As you all know I have kids. As they are getting older and more independent, things get crazier and crazier. Between running a business and keeping the family happy I am a busy lady! With that said I have to put a lot of my own tasks on the back burner. It’s always a matter of prioritizing, which I myself need to improve. So, here we are over half way through 2011. I’ve got so much going on this year! I am just very thankful for everything that I have going currently.  I am excited to start posting more on my personal site again! I have tons of updates to come with what all I have going on right now. Here is a quick glimpse into what’s been happening and what’s to come!


Behind The scenes Skunk 2 Racing photo shoot





Nashville Road Trip-Import Alliance 2011





Another year Of FF Battle:behind the scenes of the Super Street Magazine FF Battle 3 with my Civic Type-R






Back To My Roots- Little Red Riding Hood- K Powered drag EG/ Honda Tuning Magazine photo shoot













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