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Out with the old, in with the new!

Well, we now put another year behind us once again. 2011 was quite the year for us around here. I was able to get the Civic Type-R exactly where I had wanted her to be after 2 years of trial and error. I officially succeeded in my goal with the engine setup. And, we managed to bring home a win for the car at Super Street FF Battle! The CTR had quite the year.  My passion for my cars and the business officially went global with the double feature in Spain with the CTR and also the debut of my newest obsession, a very red US spec EG hatch with nothing other then a K24 under the hood. Adding to the media frenzy of 2011 was the very first cover for us on Honda Tuning Magazine with the EG as well! I guess you can say the media treated us extremely well in 2011. I couldn’t ask for much more!

Back in May we had a blast competing in FF Battle. This was the third year in a row that we were chosen to compete in the event. This was the second year in a row that we were able to bring the CTR. Since we ran into some issues the year prior, we were given the opportunity to come back and attempt to redeem ourselves. Little did any of us realize that we would end up bring home first place! We once again ran into some problems, this time with the front bumper coming off the car. But, with a little love and a roll or two of duct tape we did it! The few minor changes I made to the engine and the minor things such as the new wing brackets and front splitter proved to be a recipe for success out there at California Speedway. We managed to gain an extra 15 HP by changing out the RBC manifold, BDL fuel rail, and 72mm throttle body to a fresh new Skunk 2 intake manifold, composite fuel rail, and black series 74mm throttle body. The car as it sits now is making a healthy 282WHP. This is exactly what I was shooting for, and is the perfect recipe for the track. I feel that the car has reached the point that I was ultimately looking for. We mainly went back out there to have a great time, and also see how my few modifications to the car would affect our lap times. Oscar Jackson did an outstanding job out there again. OJR is a extremely talented driver and a great person away from the driver’s seat as well. He’s the only one I have been able to trust driving the CTR while I have been sorting out my own injuries that have made it difficult to drive the CTR. My goal for 2012 is to add power steering to the car and hopefully get back out there, now that I am finally feeling confidant enough to drive the car again.  But, I think I may need to call my friend OJR to give me some pointers out there!

This year marked one of the best years in media coverage for not only my self personally, but the company. Between our ITR kicking ass all season out at Redline Time Attack, competing again in the Modified Magazine Tuner Shootout, and the 3 magazine features with the CTR and EG, it has been an awesome year for us to showcase all of our hard work around here with all three of the cars. The most surprising one of them all was the magazine feature in Spain. It was very interesting to learn more about the close following of K-series and the cars in the US over in Spain.  This article not only showed the other side of the world about the ins and outs of the EG and CTR, but also shed some light on what I have accomplished and how I have fallen into the career that I have. This is quite interesting to those in Spain as a women such as myself is almost unheard of over there. GTI Magazine did a great job with my interview and seeing what this is all about.

The Honda Tuning feature with the EG kind of caught us all a bit off guard.  We got the call from the magazine this past summer, and they wanted to shoot ASAP as they had an issue in mind that they wanted to feature the EG in along with another San Diego car. The EG was still a few steps away from being track ready, but we made the best of it and shot the car minus the rollcage, and new tires and wheels.  The car still looked awesome, but it didn’t quite have that drag stance that it should, considering this is a drag dedicated car.  As soon as we saw the finished project, we were amazed. Matt did a great job shooting the car. This also marked our very first cover believe it or not! This was pretty exciting for all of us. This car not only marks our return to drag racing, but is also a personal project of mine and my longtime friend and partner. This car means a lot more to us then just another project. This feature was one of the best that we have had to date.

2012 looks to be quite the year for us again. We have just signed multiple brand new sponsors for the EG allowing us to finish our turbo setup for the car. Originally this wasn’t going to be possible until late 2012 or 2013, but adding these new sponsors has now made our dreams a reality for this year. I look forward to this more then anything this year. I have to admit; drag racing will always have my heart over any other type of racing. Besides wrapping up the EG, I have decided to move on with the CTR. She will be donating her current heart to something pretty damn awesome and moving onto a new heart of her own. A new N/A K24 heart with more power and more torque then her last one.  This is beyond exciting for me as not only am I building something new for the CTR, but we are building something that will be quite shocking to many of you. The only hint for now is that you will be seeing my K20 go into something that is still very new and unexplored. Things will be starting to unfold any day now this month!

Big THANKS to the amazing sponsors that  I have been fortunate enough to have by my side! Skunk 2 Racing, Buddy Club USA, Torco, Competition Clutch, Toyo Tires, Hasport, Rywire, and Church Automotive Testing. And, a big thanks to my friends and family!

Tons more to come this year! And, so much that you will actually see me posting more updates on here! Stay tuned!


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  1. Morgan,

    I’m glad to see the rise of both SportCar Motion and yourself during the past year. Doing the feature in Spain was great and it was a pleasure for us to be able to do such a story to show our readers. I hope 2012 brings even better things and we can continue to see your work improve and the EG finished kicking a$$ on the track.

    January 6, 2012 at 10:46 pm

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