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Archive for May 8, 2012

Can’t stop me…..

I love how some asshole decided to take my previous domain for my site ( as soon as it expired. I hope it helps their shitty attempt of writing about “sports cars” by copying and pasting other site’s content. It is such a shame to see those sites that really contribute nothing to the world but other writer’s work that they took the time to wrote but with their name on it. Then they even go to the length of taking my domain the second they could? That’s classy. Well, they can have it.

1) They are not random.

2) They are not Jade

Good luck to them. This was a blessing honestly, I just moved to an even better domain that better represents me.

Tell all your friends, fellow fans, and colleagues. I am still here, and not going anywhere . I am looking forward to sharing so much with you guys this year. I have so much I would like to share with my fans, but it just isn’t quite time yet. Soon enough I can share it all with you!

Stay tuned, it’s just getting good!


Morgan Jade