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Technology owns us

I returned from my vacation yesterday, I was itching to upload my photos from my camera. I was looking forward to sharing my weeklong road trip with everyone, along with sharing my newest addition to the family that I recently acquired.  When I finally got to my desk, and attempted to upload my images they were all gone in a matter of seconds. Hundreds of photos lost. I’m sure you are wondering why. Well, no other way to explain it other then this. Technology owns us. My poor SD card decided it was time to go, and it chose to die in that very moment. It is so crazy how something such as this completely turned me into tears. I felt like someone just full on kicked me in the stomach. If the images on that SD card had just been photos of my car, fine. But, there was so much more on that card. In this moment, I received a big reminder to not get so wound up in all this technology we have. It is so easy to find yourself on Facebook, on Instagram, on your iPhone or laptop doing something constantly. You think about it, it is now even rare to print an actual photo. The days of waiting at the 1-hour photo lab are gone.  Last week I found myself in a rare time away from work, away from the city, and all the technology for the most part. No cell phone coverage. Just my family and I.

I decided that I was going to take a nice road trip up to Lake Tahoe and visit my parents. I just needed away for a while. It is beautiful here in San Diego and all, but the hustle gets exhausting at times. It was time to get away.

Speaking of technology, I recently decided that I was just up to my ears in technology in regards to my daily transportation. I looked at how much money I had in cars that have no purpose other then daily driving. It was beginning to feel ridiculous.  I was loving my newest purchase, a brand new hybrid from Lexus. It did everything you could need a car to do. Navigate you, make your dinner reservations, and keep you comfortable. It was a wonderfully designed car. But, the real MJ was coming out. I missed everything about owning a Honda. The good, and the bad. But, I missed it. Having only track dedicated Hondas left wasn’t fun. It was time.

I found an offer that I couldn’t refuse. One my favorite customer cars was in need of a new home. I didn’t waste any time.  Last week only hours before leaving on a road trip, cash and keys were exchanged. I was on my way to Lake Tahoe in an unusual vehicle.  9 hours and a few stops later I was back home. I haven’t had that much fun driving in the car for 9 straight hours in years! It was the perfect opportunity to become acquainted with my new vehicle. This car gets the looks, not only from confused elderly and appreciative fellow enthusiasts but also from law enforcement. I had the pleasure of spending 30 minutes on the side of the highway with one of California’s finest. It was one of those moments that I just acted as if I had no idea what this car entailed. None the less it was an amusing stop, and I was on my way with a fix it ticket for tented windows.

I had a great week away from San Diego. I felt so good to be away from it all, see my parents, and share all my childhood places with my own kids. Just have some peace and quiet. It was hard to get the kids to stop playing with iPads, iPhones, Macbooks.  Kids in the new generation have it so differently then I did as a kid. But, we had a good time. Enjoyed some fireworks, sunshine, swimming, and time on the boat. I had so many great moments that I had captured with my camera while I was up there. I was so bummed when I came home and lost every moment that I had captured. This was just a reminder. I need to make more time to see my family. I need to take more photos, SAVE them securely, and print them. There are so many photos in my computer that belong on walls. Life is just so short and fast paced these days. We often overlook so many important moments, or forget them.  It is my own personal goal to slow down a bit, and just enjoy the little things more often.  You never know when it going to be over…

“Carpe diem. Seize the day.”

Meet “White Girl”-  FA5 converted to FD2. Powered by a fully built N/A K24 powerplant built by us (Sportcar Motion).

Previously owned and driven by Evasive Motorsports. Link to Honda Tuning Magazine July 2011 cover feature:

The only few photos i’ve got for you, as she sits now. Thanks to my iPhone:

Atop of the highway, Mono Lake, California

That is it for now. More to share with you all soon! Looking forward to putting my spin on this already beautiful car!