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You can always learn something new…

Something that I tell everyone daily, if it is in regards to cars or just in life in general. There is always room to learn something new. Doesn’t matter how long you have been doing something. There is always room to learn new things. I was lucky enough to recover hundreds of photos that I thought were completely lost off my bad SD card. Thanks to a suggestion from a colleague, Katman I was able to recover 95% of my photos from my recent trip. I was beyond surprised! I  learned something new, and have also learned that when you think things are “deleted” they are never deleted. Kind of scary honestly! I was just happy to see all the memories from my trip with my family. Those were some moments that I will remember forever. Being able to have those photos for the walls and for my family is a gift.

Just a few photos from my road trip!

First drive in the Si! Nervous, excited, and intrigued!

Beautiful Lake Tahoe!


A lot of curious minds out there asking questions about the Si. More to come on what i’m currently working on and some more details on my newest beast very soon! For now I will leave you all with this random shot I snapped yesterday! Two of our new ladies here to join the Sportcar Motion family of cars!