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SEMA 2013

Unfortunately it seems these days with all the social media tools at hand, they overtake my poor website! I find myself not having enough time to update everyone on here anymore. I miss having that more personal tool where I can really tell you guys more details. 

Today is the last day of the SEMA show in Las Vegas. It has been one hell of a past couple of weeks with all the prep work leading up to the long-awaited debut of the SFWD EG. We went into the build back in 2011, and never thought that it would end up taking as long as it did. But, things came up, and our client work load just got crazier with time. Also, when we chose to build something on this level we knew that we had to really be particular on the products we chose. This build really turned into an emotional rollercoaster. In 2011 I suffered a minor stroke after a long day shooting some video with the media. It scared the HELL out of me and made me really open my eyes. I learned from that moment on that I wasn’t going to stress myself out so much and I’d also learn to blow off a lot of the personal crap around me. My family is always number 1 and my career and racing is always second. But, scary stuff has a way of reminding you of what is important and what is not. When a woman attempts to do anything  in a primarily male driven industry, there’s always a lot of doubt and question from some. I am very accustomed to this considering this isn’t my first rodeo. But, the standard just feels extra high anytime I build something. I tend to mind my own business and stay focused on my work and my family. Then when there are some of these “cool guy meets” happening I am made out to be the bitch for not wanting to stand around in a parking lot with a bunch of egotistical show car guys. You can only tolerate those redundant discussions for so long. We have created our business around racing. Car shows are great when there is a return for us with the media. But, that doesn’t mean it’s my favorite thing to do. So, with all that said I am so proud to debut the vehicle after a lot of hard work and lying low the past year. The car truly became a reality after 2 years of planning and designing!

I’d like to thank my now good friend, Andy V for all of his help making the car really look as I had envisioned the past few years! We met through my Facebook Fan Page in 2011 as Andy was a fan of my Civic Type R. Andy made the trip over to the West from Virginia to apply the vinyl wrap for us that he designed with me, and the car really became a whole different car! I couldn’t be happier!!

I will be sure to post more on here as things are going to slow down for the winter after our last time attack event this month. I am looking forward to plenty of seat time and getting acquainted this winter with the vehicle! Huge thank you to all of our sponsors, coleagues, fans, and family for their support through out the build! 








1992 Honda Civic- “Little Red Riding Hood” SFWD drag vehicle

 Sponsored by:

Turbo By Garrett


Pfitzner Performance Gearbox – PPG

Competition Clutch

JE Pistons




Vibrant Performance

Golden Eagle Mfg.


Laskey Racing







Church Automotive Testing


AFI Turbo

Skunk 2 Racing

RC Engineering

FCS Race

Andy V Designs

Insane Shafts



Honda K24 engine assembled by Laskey Racing

Turbo By Garrett GTX4294R Turbocharger

World Racing fabricated intercooler with Garrett/Forged Motorsport core

Turbosmart E-boost controller, (2) Race Port Blow off valves, and (2) Hypergate45 wastegates,

World Racing custom piping

Golden Eagle sleeved block

JE custom pistons

Manley Turbo Tuff rods

Supertech valves, valve springs, and retainers

Web custom “G-Shit” K-series cams

AFI turbo manifold

AFI intake manifold with 90mm Mustang throttle body

AFI oil catch can

K-Tuned Pro fuel rail

RC Engineering fuel Injectors

Turbosmart fuel pressure regulator FPR-3000

Rywire engine harness

FCS fuel cell

Mishimoto radiator

Hybrid racing radiator hoses

Gearspeed/PPG K-series dog box transmission

K-tuned billet shifter/box

Godspeed handbrake

Skunk 2 custom springs/suspension

Buddy Club roll center

Karcepts hubs

Custom axles by Insane Shafts

Competition Clutch twin disk clutch

World racing custom rollcage

Hondata K-Pro ECU with Traction Control tuned by Church Automotive Testing

K-tuned traction bar

Hasport engine mounts

Seibon carbon hood/hatch/wing

Custom 3M-vinyl wrap by Andy V Designs

Golden Eagle rear diffuser

Simpson parachute with custom mount by World Racing

Sparco Corsa seat and seat rail

Sparco 6 point Hans driver harness

Torco engine and transmission fluids

Exospeed Star 8 wheels
















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