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A little insight behind the randomness

A lot of people wonder what inspires us to do the things we do, and what makes us so driven. Ever since I was a child on the playground I got so sick of the boys telling me that I couldn’t do something because I was a girl. Something about that mentality just set me off. In my mind boys and girls are equally capable of the same talents and hobbies. Gender is irrelevant to me in this sense. Since I was a little girl I have always accomplished what ever I stuck my mind to, regardless of what the boys or other girls had to say about it. The boys eventually accepted me as I was, striving to accomplish and actually do what they were doing and even better then them at times. As we all naturally got older the girls hated me as I was the one with all the attention from the boys, and it wasn’t because I liked them or had any intent other then having fun and doing what I loved. I wasn’t like everyone else. I still loved all the things girls do. Clothes, makeup, etc. But, none of those things were important to me. It was only called for on special occasion. I stopped caring what anyone thought about me at a young age. I think it is important to any young girl to grow thick skin, and not care what others think about you. Girls are really really cruel. If you can’t adapt to this mentality, your school years can be very painful. I kept very few female friends over then years, even to this day. Most women just aren’t wired up like I am. My constant automotive jibber jabber is too much for the average lady, and I’m sure it is just as awkward for them as it is for me.  The key to staying determined in life is to use all that negativity and doubt that some provide to just further empower you to accomplish everything you desire! Every time I get one of these “old school” men that carry the mentality that women belong in the kitchen and have no power in this industry, I just laugh and keep on going. What they are too ignorant to understand is that their doubt just powers you to go even further with your goals. It doesn’t help a lot of us legitimate women out that are here for the right reasons when there are a lot of the women who are just here for the attention. All these start up blogs, Facebook pages, and Instagram accounts sharing a bunch of women posed next to their car or someone else’s car doesn’t empower anyone. It just tells all these men that it is all about flaunting our bodies to gain attention of others, and that we have no legit knowledge or attributes related to cars or racing other then how big our breasts look next to our cars when we pose just right. Women need to flaunt their love for their car, racing, or what ever it is that makes them love their cars or other’s cars. Not their bodies. This is one thing that I avoid at all costs. Don’t take away from the beautiful vehicles that you have worked so hard on and enjoy so much by selling out to sexuality. Sex sells anything and everything. But, don’t sell yourself out. We are smart, strong, and knowledgeable women! We don’t always need to let our bodies do the representation. 

Besides being driven by doing what others say I can’t, I’m very driven by happiness. Everyone wants to be happy! And, there are thousands of recipes for happiness. It isn’t always just about love for another person. It is about the love you have for the things that you truly love to do! It is about the things that can take you to another place, away from the rest of what may be going on around you. Regardless of which car I get into, that feeling of accelerating and just getting away from everything brings inner peace that no drug, drink, or person can provide. Your mind is absolutely free for those seconds in which you accelerate with a clear and open mind. That is where being on the track and racing brings me total peace. There is nothing that can compare to this feeling. 

I’m really looking forward to a great year in 2014. I can’t wait to finally go out racing with the new SFWD car sponsored by Turbo by Garrett/Gearspeed. With anything big, you have setbacks. But, we haven’t let anything stand in our way. We have handpicked every single product behind this build, and chosen who we wanted to work with very closely. In order for things such as this to work successfully, everyone supporting you has to be as in love with racing as you are and have the right products for your needs! I feel we have put together an awesome team behind this project, and can achieve some pretty amazing stuff with a little time and tons of effort! We are very thankful to everyone who has supported us, lent a hand, and stood behind us during the entire build process. BIG thank you to all of our sponsors, friends, and colleagues! Cheers to 2014!


Photo Courtesy of Motolyric





Super Lap Battle/Global Time Attack finals 2013 with the Sportcar Motion crew.