The Randomness

About Morgan Jade

How did I get into cars?

Back in the days of “real” street racing before there was such a thing as The Fast and the Furious movies, as a 14 year old kid I fell in love with racing Hondas the instant I watched my first race! But, long before that I was the kid who refused to get out of their go kart, started when I was 4! I grew up living in the garage wrenching with my Dad, who was a Toyota nut.  He always had 2 or 4 cars to work on in the garage. My brother was the more artistic child that enjoyed time painting, taking photos, and hanging out with Mom. I did the “boy stuff” in the garage with our Dad.  From falling in love with street racing before I even had a license to drive my first CRX , to taking that love to the track over the years, I am still at it! Racing and Motorsports became a lifelong career. Cars are my life besides my family. Between my first Honda at 14 to now, I have owned more Hondas then I have fingers and toes! If it is a Honda, i’ve owned it and i’ve built many engine combinations over the years. These days K-series is my poison. Once you go K, you’ll never go back.  Did you know road racing is the newest form of racing for me?  I  have spent most of my seat time driving in 1/4 mile drag racing . I am excited to keep myself on my toes and i’m always finding new ways to stay behind the wheel more often.

What’s Next?

2015-2016 should be a great year. You can catch me out getting back into the driver’s seat in the SFWD EG “Little Red Riding Hood” along with some other fun new projects!

Current Residence?

The Sunny OC, California

Daily Grind?

Driver of the Sportcar Motion SFWD car/ Wife/Mother to my little crazy family of 4

Few of my Favorite things?

Lattes, dark chocolate, gummy bears, mangos, pasta, smiles on my kid’s faces, orchids, rain, the Ocean, Deftones, any sort of racing on 4 wheels, and the fine smell of race gas.



3 responses

  1. Romel Cortez

    Hey my name is Romel and I just read about your CTR in Honda Tuning. Seriously I read that article over and over at least 5 times. I have a lil’ EK myself and I have major plans for it, but along the way I got discouraged and nearly decided to just put a stop to my project UNTIL I saw your CTR. When I read the article and saw your masterpiece, it just juiced me up with a whole new inspiration. So all I have to say is thank you… You’re an inspiration.

    March 1, 2010 at 4:56 am

  2. Anthony

    Hey wassup Morgan Jade!?! My name is Anthony. Im building my first ek hatch starting from just a shell, ive already: Painted engine bay, full wire tuck, and fully brake tucked it. Now all their is left to do is save for an engine swap, suspension pieces, and a gang of other parts. I think its cool that your holding it down for all the chicks in the import scene by the way. I just have some questions. I would like to join Skunk2’s Elite Squad, how do i go about doing this once my car is finished ? I use only the best in parts ! SKUNK2 !!! Like Danny said “step up yur game, those wack parts aint doin it” :D.. One of my best friends has already built his CTR, and would like to join 2. If you can please email me when you get the chance.
    Thank you so much !.

    March 28, 2011 at 3:55 am

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